Made in Vancouver Awards: Meet Our Wildcard Category Judge

Kristina Matisic shares her Vancouver favourites in advance of judging our Made in Vancouver Wildcard category.

Kristina Matisic shares her Vancouver favourites in advance of judging our Made in Vancouver Wildcard category.

Kristina Matisic has made a career of being a discerning consumer with her work on The Shopping Bags and Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag, which makes her the perfect person to take on the role of Head Judge for our Wildcard category in the first-annual Made in Vancouver Awards.As we’re sorting through the entries for this eclectic category, we grilled Kristina for her favourite Vancouver hot-spots, ski runs and more. Find her picks below, and stay tuned for more from the Made in Vancouver Awards coming soon.

Your go-to cocktail

The Vesper Martini. Gin, Vodka, Lillett, with a twist please. Plus, I just like saying the name.

Favourite run at Whistler

Back in the day, when the Blue Chair was still around, there was a run on that side of the mountain called Dad’s. (Yes, a politically incorrect time ago.) But there were always great moguls there, well-placed, and perfect for practising your freestyle.

Perfect Vancouver spot

Now that’s a hard one, there are so many! I’m going with the patio at Jericho Sailing Centre in the summer. A great place to watch the sunset.

Best place for a drink on a Tuesday night

Fifth Avenue Cinema. I love having a glass of wine and seeing a movie there.

Vancouverite you most want to meet

My doppelganger. Apparently there’s someone in Vancouver who looks just like me. I’ve yet to track her down.

Best neighbourhood in the city

My neighbourhood of Kitsilano! The beach, bike routes, shopping, great groceries stores and so much of it all within walking distance. Plus, it’s easy to get downtown and relatively quick to get to East Van as well.

A hidden gem more Vancouverites should know about

Evelyn’s Diner on Broadway near Arbutus. They make the best Americano in the city. And in a city drowning in coffee, that’s saying something. But please don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to wait in lines.

What’s a perfect treat-yourself day?

The perfect day would entail a walk in Kitsilano with my dog and my partner, and afternoon on the couch with a book, and then ordering in from one of the dozens of amazing sushi restaurants we have in this city. Doing as little as possible is the best treat of all.

Perfect hangover food?

Thin and crispy pepperoni pizza from Dominos. There are so many great artisanal pizza places in town but come hangover time, I like to go old school.

Where do you go hunting for your new favourite lipstick?

When shopping for a new lipstick or a little beauty pick-me-up, I like to hit Beauty Bar on 4th Avenue. They have some unique brands and the staff is always very helpful.

Which spa treatment is on your birthday wish list?

A friend recently treated me to a massage at the Fairmont Willow Stream Spa at the Pacific Rim Hotel for my birthday. It was divine. I love the massage tables, they actually bend so at the end of a full body massage, they leave you reclining in a very comfortable position.

What do you think makes Vancouver’s design scene stand out?

We have some amazing interior designers and architects in this city.  I love following them on Instagram and getting inspiration from their work.

How has the maker scene shifted over time here?

As the city grows, so have the number of creative and entrepreneurial minds. And because we live in an age of sharing (over-sharing many would say) there is a constant exchange of ideas: When you see others doing something, it can lead to inspiration and innovation. You start thinking, “Maybe I can do that, too…and here’s how I can do it a little bit better.” 

Are you a local craftsperson with something cool (and Vancouver-made!) to share? Enter our Made in Vancouver Awards by February 15!