Why You Should Enter Our 2020 MIV Awards, According to Last Year’s Winners

Here's why you should enter this year's Made in Vancouver Awards, according to our 2019 finalists and winners.

We’re in year two of our Made in Vancouver Awards—where we celebrate the best of Maker Culture in this fine city—and the deadline for this year’s entries is fast approaching. (March 13, for those of you who don’t already have a big red check mark on that date.)

Why enter? Besides putting the results of all of your efforts in front of some of the top designers, chefs and drinksmiths in the city, the finalists and winners from our inaugural awards felt the love from across Vancouver and beyond. It’s just good for your business. 

Tanya Droege, the owner of 2019 finalist Sealuxe, saw her inbox blow up as soon as we announced the finalist list. “How exciting!” she wrote us. “My inbox is full of inquiries from shops who want to potentially stock Sealuxe. One in particular, Vancouver Aquarium is a dream come true! I’ve already won! Thank you so much – you guys made my year!”

And our Beauty category winner, Nala Care, found that winning the award helped grow their retail locations. “Not only did we get beautiful Vancouver Magazine coverage and a photo, but also we were featured in a TV morning show,” says CEO Radmila Juristovski Bosnic.  “The award elevated Nala brand awareness as well as attracted retailers, influencers and social media followers.”

Last year’s Best Drink category winner, Culture Kefir Co. took their win to the next level: “We’ve used the award as a highlight to bankers, investors, and customers at multiple levels,” says CEO and Founder Lyndsay Scott. “It was powerful to have the print publication. I feel that an award like this one lends some independent brand validity. And we found copies of the award issue at some of our retail account offices when we went in to pitch for a listing at their stores.”

So show us what you’ve got—and the rest of the city too.

The countdown is on! Enter our Made in Vancouver Awards by March 13. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.