2021 Made in Vancouver Awards Winners: Style

From jewellery to athleisure, these are the makers bringing style to the city.

Photo by Tanya Goehring. Styling by Robin Del Pino, Jordyn Taylor-Robins.


Staple Ring by Noren Studio

There’s jewellery you slip on to complete an outfit, and there are those tried-and-true pieces you never take off. This is the latter. The aptly named Staple ring is as understated as it is tough, but it isn’t called the staple just for its versatility—the ring is actually inspired by that classic desktop technology, with each 18-karat rose gold “staple” passing through the sterling silver.

The folks behind Noren—husband and wife duo Keith Lau and Josephine Liu—were inspired by the exposed simplicity of Scandinavian furniture design when they set out to create a mixed-metal piece without using any soldering. It was the craftsmanship of Ingmar Relling’s Siesta chair (similar in form to the later-famous Ikea Poang chair) that sparked this winning accessory. Lau and Liu loved the visible, functional details—and you know what they say: if you like it, then you should put a ring on it. The result is a piece that fits together with an almost mechanical perfection. It’s a classic.

$800, norenstudio.com

Credit: Samsara Cycle

Honourable Mention

Freedom Tights by Samsara Cycle

The traditional solution to discomfort while cycling is the chamois (the cushy part of bike shorts  sewn into the crotch), but it’s never been particularly flattering. Samsara’s Freedom tights keep the comforting chamois but totally ditch the heavy stitching and subtly integrate the padding—it’s like a seamless saddle pillow. They’re made using a water-free, waste-free print process and designed for your best ride—less discomfort means less shifting in your seat, resulting in more power. We’re sensing a bit of a cycle here: Samsara won this category last year with their bold Performance jersey, and the Freedom tights feature that same local, original artwork we’re obsessed with.

$159, samsara-cycle.com

From left to right: Isla Skort, Flail Earrings, Bubble Trinity, Shard Bag


Isla Skort by Ace Athletics
We love (yes, that’s a tennis joke) the cute pleats, and the built-in compression shorts guarantee a good game. $80, aceathletics.com

Flail Earrings by Rock Candy
These eclectic gemstone earrings embrace maximalism in the best way. Ideal for looking chic on a video call.  $650, gemrockcandy.com

Bubble Trinity by Zadel Jewellery Studio
The three corners of the 14-karat-gold triangle represent being kind, calm, and safe—a pretty nod to pandemic times. $425, zadeljewellerystudio.com

Shard Bag by Sever Studio
This laser-cut, hand-assembled purse inspired by broken glass has high fashion in the bag. $775, severstudio.online