Revol Girl designs gorgeous underwear with a purpose.

Attention ladies (and gentlemen or non-binary individuals curious about feminine topics): it’s time to change the way we talk about “that time of the month” and stop referring to it the way some refer to Voldemort in Harry Potter as “He Who Shall Not Be Named.” It’s 2018 now—we can talk about it. And what better way to spark the conversation and break the stigma than through the fun topic of lingerie? RG-Meg_04.jpg Revol Girl’s antimicrobial underwear are made up of three layers – combining fabrics like organic cotton, absorbent bamboo, spandex and moisture-wicking athletic grade nylon. With wedding season upon us, your summer schedule may be piling up with bridal showers, wedding dates, and the priciest of them all–bachelorette parties. Coordinating flight times and outfits for photo-ops are two of the top conversations in those large group texts, but often the Maid/Matron of Honour will request the guests spend a little extra money by surprising the bride with a lingerie gift (a very expensive tradition, to be honest). The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of lingerie may be cute baby dolls and one-or-two-piece sets from popular bra stores. These are great for most days of the month, but what about that one week where women have to avoid wearing cute undergarments so they don't accidentally stain ruin them? Don’t worry, most people forget to consider this too, and since period underwear is such a new trend, most of the options out there choose function over style, making it hard to feel confident (or sexy). Revol Girl, a Vancouver-based company created by former fashion design student Sara Jonsdottir, offers a solution with their diverse (and so cute!) line of period underwear. By hand-sewing every set, Jonsdottir says the top priorities for her fun designs are functionality and style–since “style is the thing that stands out most.” Jonsdottir uses this line to remind women that periods are a shared experience and hopes her lingerie will help break down barriers and destroy that period taboo. “I want to empower women to make them feel sexy and normal during their periods,” says Jonsdottir. Women supporting other women? Sounds great to us. RG-Coco_61-e1530214323353.jpeg Revol Girl products, like The Gloria Underwear