And it comes from the same winemaker-and-architect duo that brought us Mission Hill.

The year was 1996, and a dreamer of an Okanagan winemaker hooked up with an up-and-coming Seattle architect and created a winery—Mission Hill—that somehow managed to appeal to both modernist and classicist simultaneously. Fast forward 22 years and Anthony von Mandl’s (the aforementioned dreamer and our 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient) vision for an ultra-premium pinot noir and riesling winery needed a home that would express its world-beating aspirations. Cue the return of the up-and-comer—Tom Kundig—now one of the most in-demand architects in North America. The result is a showstopper of minimalism snaking down the East Kelowna hillside. Gone is the softness of Mission Hill, both in design and interaction—you’ll need an appointment to visit and the $100 wine is on allotment, but such is the price of progress, folks.


Martin's Lane Winery

5437 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna