The South Korean skincare line opened its newest location at the Pacific Centre last Friday.

South Koreans have long perfected the art of beauty innovation with the brilliant advent of BB cream, single-use masks, and—of late—cushion make-up (basically a liquid foundation in a sponge all neatly tucked into a compact). But you’ll be happy to know K-beauty’s coveted multi-step skincare regimen doesn’t require air miles to Seoul to perfect; just head to Pacific Centre’s The Face Shop, which opened its doors Friday to hordes of cosmetic junkies clamoring for that dewy skin.

With over 2300 stores in 29 countries, this South Korean mash-up lies somewhere between Sephora, The Body Shop and a drugstore, and offers its pioneering formulas and trailblazing inventions all at unabashedly affordable prices. From the Smile Foot Mask ($4) to the Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream ($15), its charmingly packaged products promise to transform your skin with a simple Blackhead Out Charcoal Nose Strip, Secret-Made Anti-Aging cream or, what else, Jelly Apple Peeling.

Lest you be confused by the quixotic translation on the Asian website (“A father is a person who is always there when you need a strong arm to hug on”?), be sure to visit The Face Shop’s North American coordinates.

The Face Shop

Pacific Centre
701 West Georgia St.