Takoyaki and potatoes on a stick and eel jerky and mini doughnuts all in one night? You bet.

Yes, the annual Richmond Night Market features live dance performances and rows of too-cheap-to-pass-up tchotchkes, but the food offerings are always the main attraction (see our list of the top 10 snacks to try). The brave test the limits of the human appetite, piling paper plates with crispy grilled squid, steaming bean-filled fish-shaped waffles, and chicken karaage; the smart bring hungry friends with whom to share their deep-fried riches. It may not bill itself as a food festival but here, under the open sky, awaits a veritable United Nations of snacks—Thai-style milk tea, matcha-ice-cream bao sandwiches, lamb kebabs and soft-shell crab tacos, all waiting to win your heart.

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