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  Democracy, broadly speaking, is a good thing. But when it comes to food? Well, let’s just say that’s not its most effective application. Yes, everyone with a smartphone and a spoon is free to express their opinion, but we still believe in the value of expertise—and the people who possess it, those whose palates can’t be swayed by PR or payola. Once again, those people have rendered their verdicts. Welcome to our enlightened dictatorship. MaenamRestaurant of the Year



When asked his age, Angus An says he's 36. No, he corrects himself—35. “I feel 46, to be honest with you,” he says. It’s an understandable mix up. Age is an easy thing to forget for someone like An, who opened his first restaurant, Gastropod, when he was just 26. Maenam, his flagship restaurant, came three years later, and he’s since opened three casual eateries and won more awards for his work than most chefs twice his age. Indeed, 35 seems almost impossibly young considering the fact that, according to this year’s Restaurant Awards judges, An has been instrumental in not only putting out amazing food night after night but also transforming Vancouver’s dining scene in the process.

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  RoyaldinetteBest New Restaurant

Royal Dinette

Threestars 905 Dunsmuir St. 604-974-8077 It’s probably safe to say that “business as usual” is not a concept that David Gunawan looks upon favourably. After all, his career has been defined by a seemingly relentless need for change, both in the plates he puts out and the places in which they get served. That sensibility has found its fullest expression at Royal Dinette, where the food that he and head chef Jack Chen are creating is almost defiantly—and always unapologetically—creative. Bauhaus Silverstar 1 W. Cordova St.604-974-1147 AnnaLena Onestar 1809 W. 1st Ave.604-379-4052 Honourable Mentions: La Tab, Ancora

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Best Upscale


Threestars801 W. Georgia St.604-673-7000 Bauhaus Silverstar 1 W. Cordova St., 604-974-1147 Cioppino's Onestar 1133 Hamilton St.604-688-7466 Honourable Mentions: The Pear Tree, Blue Water Cafe AskforluigiBest Casual

Ask for Luigi

Threestars 305 Alexander St.604-428-2544 Maenam Silverstar1938 W. 4th Ave.604-730-5579 Bao Bei Onestar163 Keefer St.604-688-0876 Honourable Mentions: AnnaLena, La Tab Pino_LobsterLinguini 013Best Upscale Italian


Threestars 1133 Hamilton St.604-688-7466 Giardino Silverstar1328 Hornby St.604-669-2422 CinCin Onestar1154 Robson St.604-688-7338 Honourable Mentions: Cinara, La Quercia Askforluigi2Best Casual Italian

Ask for Luigi (tie)

Threestars 305 Alexander St.604-428-2544

L’ufficio (tie)

Threestars 3687 W. 4th Ave.604-676-1007 Lupo Silverstar 869 Hamilton St.604-569-2535 Honourable Mention: Campagnolo Roma LecrocodileBest Upscale French

Le Crocodile

Threestars 100–909 Burrard St.604-669-4298 L’Abattoir Silverstar217 Carrall St., 604-568-1701 Bacchus Onestar845 Hornby St., 604-608-5319 Honourable Mentions: Five Sails, Chambar Au-Comptoir-(Hi-Res)-20Best Casual French

Au Comptoir

Threestars 2278 W. 4th Ave., 604-569-2278 Tableau Silverstar1181 Melville St., 604-639-8692 Les Faux Bourgeois Onestar663 E. 15th Ave. , 604-873-9733 Honourable Mentions: Bistro Wagon Rouge, Jules Zest Best Upscale Japanese


Threestars 2775 W. 16th Ave., 604-731-9378 Tojo’s Silverstar1133 W. Broadway, 604-872-8050 Masayoshi Onestar4376 Fraser St., 604-428-6272 Honourable Mentions: Kiriri, Miku KinomeBest Casual Japanese


Threestars 2511 W. Broadway, 778-379-1925 Kingyo Silverstar871 Denman St., 604-608-1677 Rajio Onestar3763 W. 10th Ave., 604-558-1679 Honourable Mentions: Kishimoto, Suika DynastySeaFood Best Upscale Chinese

Dynasty Seafood

Threestars 108–777 W. Broadway, 604-876-8388 Chef Tony Silverstar 101–4600 No. 3 Rd., Richmond, 604-279-0083 The Jade Onestar 8511 Alexandra Rd., Richmond, 604-249-0082 Honourable Mentions: Hoitong, Chang’An Dinesty Dumpling House Best Casual Chinese


Threestars Various locations Long’s Silverstar 4853 Main St., 604-879-7879 Ningtu Onestar2130 Kingsway, 604-438-6669 Honourable Mentions: Old Xian Food, Kongee Dinesty MrredcafeBest Vietnamese

Mr. Red Cafe 

Threestars 2234 E. Hastings St., 604-710-9515 Hai Phong Silverstar 1246 Kingsway, 604-872-3828 My Chau Onestar 1715 Kingsway. 604-874-6880 Honourable Mentions: Chau Veggie Express, Hoi An Cafe RoyalseoulhouseBest Korean

Royal Seoul House

Threestars 1215 W. Broadway, 604-739-9001 Hanwoori Silverstar 5740 Imperial St., Burnaby, 604-439-0815 Damso Onestar 867 Denman St., 604-632-0022 Honourable Mentions: Seoul Doogbaegi, Ma Dang Goul Maenam2Best Thai


Threestars 1938 W. 4th Ave., 604-730-5579 Jitlada Silverstar 1459 W. Broadway, 604-738-9888 Longtail Onestar 116–810 Quayside Dr., New Westminster, 604-553-3855 Honourable Mentions: Thai Cuisine by Montri, SalaThai MYSHANTI-7004 Best Indian

My Shanti

Threestars 15869 Croydon Dr., Surrey, 604-560-4416 Dosa Corner Silverstar 8248 Fraser St., 604-324-3672 Sachdeva Sweets Onestar 118-7500 120 St., Surrey, 604-591-6788 Honourable Mentions: Rangoli, Apna Chaat Phnom Penh Best Other Asian

Phnom Penh 

Threestars 244 E. Georgia St., 604-682-5777 Pidgin Silverstar 350 Carrall St., 604-620-9400 Torafuku Onestar 958 Main St., 778-903-2006 Honourable Mention: The Union Dinesty-pinkBest Dim Sum


Threestars 108–777 W. Broadway, 604-876-8388 Chef Tony Silverstar 101–4600 No. 3 Rd., Richmond, 604-279-0083 Golden Paramount Onestar 8071 Park Rd., Richmond, 604-278-0873 Honourable Mentions: Kirin, Vivacity Daniel.GoBest Noodle House

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Threestars 1690 Robson St., Vancouver, 604-681-8121 Marutama Ra-men Silverstar 780 Bidwell St., 604-688-8837 Motomachi Shokudo Onestar 740 Denman St., 604-609-0310 Honourable Mentions: Congee Noodle House, Fat Mao MollicafeBest of the Americas

Molli Café

Threestars 1225 Burrard St., 604-336-6554 D Roti Shak Silverstar 808 12th St., New Westminster, 604-544-5994 Las Tortas Onestar 3353 Cambie St., 604-569-1402 Honourable Mentions: The Mexican, Back Forty `VM0416_CarloRicci_140320_VanMag_RestaurantAwards_5_428Best Steakhouse

Hy’s Encore

Threestars 637 Hornby St., 604-683-7671 Gotham Silverstar 615 Seymour St., 604-605-8282 Black+Blue Onestar 1032 Alberni St., 604-637-0777 Honourable Mentions: Joe Fortes, Hamilton Street Grill Bluewater1Best Seafood

Blue Water Cafe

Threestars 1095 Hamilton St., 604-688-8078 Tojo’s Silverstar 1133 W. Broadway, 604-872-8050 Ancora Onestar 2–1600 Howe St., 604-681-1164 Honourable Mentions: Boulevard, Landmark Hot Pot VijRailwayExpress Best Food Cart

Vij’s Railway Express

Threestars @vijsrailway La Bohème Silverstar Via Tevere Onestar @ViaTeverePizza Honourable Mentions: Le Tigre, Yolks KingyoBest Casual Chain


Threestars Various locations Cactus Club Cafe Silverstar Various locations La Taqueria OnestarVarious locations Honourable Mentions: Guu, Earls Revolver-2Best Coffeehouse


Threestars 325 Cambie St. Timbertrain Silverstar 311 W Cordova St. Milano Onestar156 W 8th Ave. Honourable Mentions: The Birds & The Beets, Bump n Grind PizzabufalaBest Pizzeria


Threestars 5395 West Blvd. Via Tevere Silverstar 1190 Victoria Dr. Pizzeria Farina Onestar 915 Main St.   The Neighbourhoods categories are brought to you by YP Dine Dine-logo-en Kingyo2 Best West End


Threestars 871 Denman St., 604-608-1677 Tavola Silverstar 1829 Robson St.604-606-4680 Espana Onestar 1118 Denman St., 604-558-4040 Honourable Mentions: Gyoza King, The Fat Badger SantoukaBest Yaletown

Bistro Sakana

Threestars 1123 Mainland St., 604-633-1280 La Pentola Silverstar 350 Davie St., 604-642-0557 The Flying Pig Onestar 1168 Hamilton St., 604-568-1344 Honourable Mentions: Provence Marinaside, Rodney’s Oyster House BaoBeiBest Gastown/Chinatown

Bao Bei

Threestars 163 Keefer St., 604-688-0876 Ask for Luigi Silverstar 305 Alexander St., 604-428-2544 Bestie Onestar 105 E. Pender St., 604-620-1175 Honourable Mentions: Fat Mao CinaraBest Downtown


Threestars 350 W. Pender St., 604-428-9694 Royal Dinette Silverstar 905 Dunsmuir St., 604-974-8077 Gyozo Bar (TIE) Onestar 622 W. Pender St., 604-336-5563 Ramen Jinya (TIE) Onestar 270 Robson St., 604-568-9711 Honourable Mention: BaoQi LufficioBest West Side


Threestars 3687 W. 4th Ave.. 604-676-1007 Au Comptoir Silverstar 2278 W. 4th Ave., 604-569-2278 Maenam Onestar 1938 W. 4th Ave., 604-730-5579 Honourable Mentions: Rajio, Farmer’s Apprentice ViaTevere Best East Side

Via Tevere

Threestars1190 Victoria Dr., 604-336-1803 Burdock & Co. Silverstar 2702 Main St., 604-879-0077 Kalvin’s Onestar 5225 Victoria Dr., 604-321-2888 Honourable Mentions: Mr. Red Cafe, Chau Veggie Express Canyon-restaurantBest North Shore


Threestars 3135 Edgemont Blvd. , North Vancouver, 604-987-8812 Blue Eyed Marys Silverstar 1735 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, 604-921-2583 Feast Onestar 2423 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, 604-922-1155 Honourable Mentions: Trattoria Park Royal KiririBest Richmond


Threestars 190–8780 Blundell Rd., 778-297-4330 Sushi Hachi Silverstar 8888 Odlin Cres., 604-207-2882 Kongee Dinesty Onestar 165–9020 Capstan Way, 604-278-0077 Honourable Mentions: Top Shanghai, Cocoru Araxi Food Day 1 161Best Whistler


Threestars 4222 Village Sq., 604-932-4540 Alta Bistro Silverstar 104–4319 Main St., 604-932-2582 Bearfoot Bistro Onestar 4121 Village Green, 604-932-3433 Honourable Mentions: The Mexican Corner, Rim Rock Cafe StagewinebarBest Victoria


Threestars 1307 Gladstone Ave., 250-388-4222 Brasserie L’école Silverstar 1715 Government St., 250-475-6260 Camille’s Onestar 45 Bastion Sq. , 250-381-3433 Honourable Mentions: Part and Parcel, Pizzeria Prima Strada `SheloraSheldon-pilgrimme13 Best Island


Threestars 2806 Montague Rd., Galiano Island, 250-539-5392 Wolf in the Fog Silverstar 150 4 St., Tofino, 250-725-9653 The Pointe Onestar 500 Osprey Ln., Tofino, 250-725-3106 Honourable Mentions: Sooke Harbour House, Sobo Waterfrontwines2Best Okanagan

Waterfront Wines

Threestars 1180 Sunset Dr., Kelowna, 250-979-1222 Raudz Silverstar 1560 Water St., Kelowna, 250-868-8805 Salted Brick Onestar 243 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, 778-484-3234 Honourable Mentions: Local, Central TinhornBest Winery/Vineyard Dining


Threestars Tinhorn Creek Winery, 250-498-3742 The Vineyard Kitchen at Black Hills Estate Winery Silverstar Black Hills Estate Winery, 250-493-8657 The Vanilla Pod Onestar Poplar Grove Winery , 250-493-9463 Honourable Mentions: Unsworth Vineyards, Terrace (­Mission Hill)

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