Best Indian 2010

Gold: Vij’s

Silver: Rangoli
Bronze: Ashiana Tandoori
Honourable Mention: Chutney Villa
Honourable Mention: Akbar’s Own

The upside to the inevitable queues at perennial Gold winner Vij’s (bar snacks aside)? The excuse to deke next door to younger sib Rangoli (Silver), where the same beautiful vegetables and sleek, substantial meals come in more modest presentation. Still hungry? Ashiana (Bronze) had Vancouver’s first tandoori oven 30 years ago and it’s still the best. Tandoori fish and vegetables indicate a willingness to reinvent to suit the times from, said the judges, “the most honest Indian restaurant in town.” Honourable Mentions: funky, stylish Chutney Villa’s dosas and other South Indian dishes; and the unabashedly spiced menu at Akbar’s Own.