Best Other European 2010

Gold: Chambar

Silver: The Irish Heather
Bronze: La Rúa
Honourable Mention: Transylvania Flavour Restaurant

Five years on, “the little restaurant that could,” as one judge put it, “still can, and does.” Another judge pointed to the “innovative and excellent cuisine, a bar program that’s second to none, and stellar desserts” at Chambar (Gold). Other commendations: “There’s a real warmth to the assured service which makes the room feel friendly and lively, without tipping into frantic buzz.” “Euro Vancouver cooking with a North African influence makes a welcome change from the relentlessly local focus of so many rooms.” “The food is unpredictable in the most delightful way. Moules Congolaise always rates, as do fries with harissa mayo. And the lamb tagine!” A year of expansive thinking has yielded—after last year’s Café Medina—a private room, a house-brewed Belgian ale, and the Dirty Apron cooking school next door. Chambar took this category hands down.