Best Small Plates 2010

Gold: Cru

Silver: Bin 941/Bin 942
Bronze: Nook
Honourable Mention: Campagnolo
Honourable Mention: Sanafir

Top prize in this competitive group goes to Cru: “From food and wine pairing to measured innovation on the plate, owner Mark Taylor and chef Alana Peckham get it right every time.” At late-night favourites Bin 941 and Bin 942 (Silver), you’ll find “gutsy, funky, and fun food with a splash of attitude, just like their imagineer Gord Martin.” The West End’s buzzy, unpretentious Nook (Bronze) serves fresh pastas (our judges loved the gnocchi with meatball morsels), perfectly charred pizzas, and a well-priced wine list. Multiple-category winner Campagnolo (Honourable Mention) is “a restaurant for our times; drop by for piadine porchetta, Frangelico and chocolate tart—and still wind up with change from a twenty. Great by-the-glass picks, too.” Honourable Mention to Sanafir’s sexy room.