Best Casual Chain Restaurants 2011

Cactus Club Cafe

588 Burrard St.

Under the careful hand of Rob Feenie and watchful eye of owner Richard Jaffray, Cactus Club’s genre-defining mix of high and low earned Gold again this year. “Somehow they please their chicken-wing-loving fan base while simultaneously nailing upscale dishes like citrus-spiked tuna tataki and Feenie’s beloved butternut squash ravioli,” one judge marvelled. Always-frenetic Hapa Izakaya (Silver) opened yet another location, thus achieving chain status. “It’s a chain that never feels like a chain,” said one judge—high praise in this category. Rival Guu, another non-chain-feeling chain, scored Bronze, while chef Chris Mills’s confident cooking at Joey and “the smoky allure” of Memphis Blues both warranted Honourable Mentions.







Finalists for Best Casual Chain Restaurants 2011

Hapa Izakaya
1479 Robson St.

838 Thurlow St.

Joey Restaurants
507 Burrard St.

Memphis Blues
1342 Commercial Dr.

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