Best Food Cart

Roaming Dragon

This new category reflects how much Vancouver’s food scene has evolved, and our judges were only too eager to sing the praises of their favourite street eats. “Love at first bite” is how one described the pan-Asian treats overseen by former Elixir at Opus Hotel chef Don Letendre at Roaming Dragon (Gold). “The slow-roasted Asian-spiced pork belly with crunchy pickled cucumbers proves that street food can be chef-y, accessible, and still affordable.” Pulled-pork sandwiches topped with fresh coleslaw and a squirt of housemade secret sauce scored Silver for Re-Up BBQ. Japadog (Bronze) set the creative standard for imaginative street fare (example: the Okonomi, a Kurobuta pork weiner nestled in a toasted bun, topped with mayo, tricked-out ketchup, fried cabbage, and dried bonito flakes). Honourable Mentions to Kaboom Box (formerly Fresh Local Wild) for the delicious chanterelle poutine, and Cartel Taco for their distinctive Mexican-Korean hybrid tacos.

Finalists for Food Cart



The Kaboom Box

Cartel Taco

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