Best Korean Restaurants 2011


5740 Imperial St.
Burnaby, 604-439-0815

An unlikely setting (next to a car repair shop) doesn’t distract from the generous plates of home-style Korean at Hanwoori (Gold). Our judges love “the big booths, the roasted buckwheat tea, and the full-flavoured dishes such as dumplings in the beefy mandu gook soup, and the jejuk bossam—luscious pork belly and oyster-studded kimchee wrapped in cabbage leaves.” Silver to Sura for great service and cleanly wrought cooking best seen in a seafood pancake that balances crispy lightness with a generous briny richness. Jang Mo Jib takes Bronze for its giant cauldrons of bubbling, spicy pork soup, sweetly savoury kal bi, and filling jap chae noodles that keep the late-night crowd sated (until 5 a.m., no less!). Honourable Mentions this year to Coquilam’s Insadong and Seoul House Royal on Broadway.









Finalists for Best Korean Restaurants 2011

Sura Korean Cuisine
1518 Robson St.

Jang Mo Jib
1719 Robson St.
(multiple locations)

Insadong Korean Restaurant
301-403 North Rd.
Coquitlam, 604-936-3778

Seoul House Royal
1215 W. Broadway

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