Best Other Asian Restaurants 2011

Spice Islands Indonesian Restaurant

3592 W. 41st Ave.

The spicy sambal babi, rich lamb curry, and beef rendang all hum with deep complexity at Spice Island (Gold). “The unmistakable brightness of freshly toasted and ground spices tip off the care behind chef Joseph Boon’s cooking.” Café Kathmandu (Silver) presents soothing Himalayan fare, the flavours from across the subcontinent clean and fresh. Sample delectable bite-sized steamed momo filled with vegetables or pork. Tiny, smoky Flying Tiger (Bronze) still captivates with Far East street sharables. Alongside the steadfast Banana Leaf chain, Bo Laksa King takes an Honourable Mention for its standout Burmese fare.






Finalists for Best Other Asian Restaurants 2011

Café Kathmandu
2779 Commercial Dr.

The Flying Tiger
2958 W. Fourth Ave.

Banana Leaf
820 W. Broadway
(multiple locations)

Bo Laksa King Bubbles and Bits
2546 E. Hastings St.

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