Producer/Supplier of the Year 2012

Though our coast teems with some of the world’s finest salmon, crab, and sea urchin, much of it gets shipped overseas. “Until recently, pretty much all the best sablefish and spot prawns were exported,” says Jenice Yu, who grew up working in her family’s fish-processing plant in Richmond. “I wanted to change that.” In 2007, she created F.I.S.H. (Fresh Ideas Start Here) with the belief that Metro Vancouver deserved its share of the good stuff. The store offers a range of local, sustainable fish and shellfish (accompanied by consultant chef Gavin Craig’s recipes), and supplies an impressive list of restaurants. “The quality of the salmon and halibut is exceptional,” says Tobias MacDonald, executive chef at La Belle Auberge. “And with Jenice, I know I’ll get a consistent product throughout the year.” Yu’s hands-on approach (she delivers all products personally), paired with transparency about fish’s origins (West’s Quang Dang has been a guest on the boats), has made for a successful net-to-plate business that’s seen F.I.S.H gain widespread respect in a discerning industry.

F.I.S.H (Fresh Ideas Start Here)
180-7515 Market Crossings