Best Chinese Upscale 2015

Best Chinese Upscale winners of Vancouver Magazine's 26th Annual Restaurant Awards

Best Chinese Upscale winners of Vancouver Magazine’s 26th Annual Restaurant Awards

  • Gold: Dynasty Seafood
  • Silver: Chef Tony Seafood
  • Bronze: Yue Delicacy
  • Honourable Mentions: Peninsula Seafood, Kirin

 The stranglehold that Hong Kong-style fine-dining establishments have had in this category was broken this year by a slew of ambitious Mainland Chinese operators. Dynasty Seafood (Gold) remains true to Cantonese culinary ideals of restraint but has added real fire to its “typhoon shelter” sticky rice, bright pickled-ginger punch to Dungeness crab served in a colossal noodle shell, and fermented-tofu funk to pork ribs. Chef Tony Seafood (Silver), meanwhile, ups the flavour ante with black-truffle flakes tossed with chilled poached chicken, pork belly steamed with preserved lemon, and black-vinegar-sharpened sea cucumber. Yue Delicacy (Bronze) offers a peek into a world of Chinese high rollers who spend thousands on an evening’s worth of brandy. But big spenders need to eat, too, and deep-fried crab showered with spicy garlic, luscious squab, and homey singing-chicken hotpot help the cognac go down nicely. Honourable Mentions: Peninsula Seafood, Kirin