Is it time to get a liitle work done? Some leading Vancouver practitioners weigh in.

This article was originally published in the March 2015 issue of Vancouver Magazine. Vancouvers_surgeons   Time come for a little work? We asked a batch of local surgeons to share the strategies and tips they offer patients, decade by decade.   TWENTIES AND THIRTIES:

A lot of younger women are starting to ask for Botox for forehead lines and crow's feet. If someone comes in and asks for something they don't need, we don't do it."
I perform a lot of localized liposuction on girls in their 20s. They're not overweight, but they're struggling with inherited areas unaffected by diet and exercise: the inner knee area, or thighs and saddlebags." People in their 30s begin preventative strategies like baby Botox: small doses allow patients to retain facial expressions but help prevent etched wrinkles. Studies with twins have show that one who has a bit of Botox never formed crow's-feet wrinkles, while the other did." At this age women are often dealing with genetics. They've inherited puffy lids and want to remove extra skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, as it makes them look prematurely aged."   FORTIES AND FIFTIES:
We begin using Thermage for patients in their 40s. It's a two-hour procedure, and people like it because there's no downtime."
We seen sun damage, visible blood vessels, signs of wrinkling, brown spots. The very thin show more changes in their face than their fuller-faced contemporaries: thinner, lighter-skinned women tend to show aging sooner, but it's an individual thing." Patients start to notice volume loss at this age, but it is still early enough that a reasonable-sized digestible treatment of soft tissue filer yields a natural-looking, meaningful outcome." This is when aging starts to take its toll on the face. Short incision (mini) facelifts can tighten the jawline and improve contours near the mouth. Brow lifts return the brows to a more elegant and youthful position." In the menopausal period the collagen content of the skin can drop by half. If there has not been preventative work done, you find people turning to plastic surgery."   SIXTIES AND SEVENTIES:
These decades are the right time to start combination treatments that include an evidence-based anti-aging skin-care regimen with photo rejuvenation, laser, neuromodulators, neurotoxins such as Botox, and filler."
We're looking at rejuvenating facelifts, as well as eyelid, forehead, and neck procedures. Usually these come with adjunctive fat injections: taking fat from one part of the body to restore volume in another." Procedures at this stage tend to be blepharoplasty, brow lift, and facelift, followed by breast life and augmentation, and tummy tuck." I have patients who are 90 who come in for fillers. You're only as old as you feel."   Interested in cosmetic surgery? Check out what some local Vancouverites have to say about surgery in your twenties, forties, and sixties.