The Bartender of the Year alum is hitting the open road.

In a city of amazing bartenders, Shaun Layton stands at the very top. He started at George and immediately set about restoring its slightly lagging reputation in short order. But it was at L’Abbatoir where he morphed into something different altogether. He transformed an impossibly small little space into a pilgrimage of watering hole with a reputation amongst those who know that stretched from London to Hong Kong. So the news that Shaun is moving on is big. His plan? The Grand Tour. Here’s how an ace barman does Europe: 1 - Fly into Dublin, stop for a 36 hour layover during which he intends to drink the country dry of Guinness. Places to stop by: The Stagg’s Head or Palace Bar. 2 - When in Rome… spend a couple of nights at Salumeria Rascioli wine bar, starting off with a Negroni, and perhaps moving on to a nice Barolo. 3 - A week in Tuscany- Rent a villa in the Pontassieve region, meaning a night or two in Florence is required. An Americano cocktail during Aperivo hour somewhere with a view of the sunset and the Ponte Vecchio is on point. 4 - Spend some time at Piedmont, Layton has some friends there from Cocchi wines. A Cocchi Americano on the rocks with a slice of orange at the legendary Bar Cocchi in Asti with Mr Roberto Bava himself will be a check off anyone's bucket list. 5 - A quick stop in London should include Layton's favourite place for a Martini in the world: Duke’s. The iconic setting where Mr. Fleming wrote his Bond novels is his favourite hotel bar in the world. Shaun will be in YVR soon enough, but in the interim here’s his masterful take on the Rob Roy.