Nestled on Hawthorne Mountain in the charming Okanagan Falls, See Ya Later Ranch is known for more than its award-winning wines. A legacy of humour and a love of canines compose a history that won’t be soon forgotten.

Purchased by Major Hugh Fraser in 1919, the ranch borrows its name from his wife’s curt farewell upon seeing the rustic valley property. See Ya Later represents an understanding of what’s really important (good wine and furry friends included) and an ability to take the rest in stride. Today SYL continues to prioritize the colourful side of life—as reflected in 2014’s refreshed label. The new look pays tribute to Major Fraser’s own colourful self and the history of the ranch, promising to carry the same values into the future. More than capable of the task at hand is Senior Winemaker, Dave Carson. Carson claims an impressive history in his own right, having worked in the wine industry since long before his own legal age. Coming to SYL with a long list of awards and accolades, Carson finds nothing more rewarding than his daily view of Skaha Lake—though it’s still worth noting that SYL’s 2014 ROVER (a Shiraz Viognier blend) won the Platinum and Premier Awards at the 2014 British Columbia Wine Awards. “I’m proud to be part of a team so totally committed to producing wines of the highest quality,” says Carson. Next time this colourful label catches your eye at the liquor store, be sure to take a bottle home with you. We have a good feeling your response will be more along the lines of “see you again soon.”