Coco Rocha’s 5 tips for fab summer feet

Model (and former Vancouverite) Coco Rocha shares her summer foot-care secrets

Model (and former Vancouverite) Coco Rocha shares her summer foot-care secrets

Ahhhh, summer. It’s a season loved by many, but the high temperatures and extended daylight hours do come with consequences: mainly the expectation to up our daily beauty routines. Shaving suddenly becomes a priority, sweat-caked makeup is of chief concern, and the prevalence of open-toed shoes means our feet need a little extra love.“It’s those short few months for women when our feet are definitely on show,” says Coco Rocha. The Canadian-born supermodel and fashion designer—fresh off the launch of her sporty-chic CO + CO collection—knows a thing or two about walking in sky-high heels and strappy sandals. Just in time for open-toe season, Rocha teamed with Amopé to share her at-home tricks for keeping feet fabulous all summer long.

Dare to go bare(foot), with these hot tips from Coco Rocha:

1. Invest In the Right ToolsWith proper equipment, it’s easy to get soft, smooth feet right at home. The Richmond, B.C.-raised Rocha admits she doesn’t like spa pedicure treatments (“I like to get the job done myself”) and prefers using tools like the Amopé electronic foot file. It sloughs away rough skin and can even be used in the shower. “I wash my hair in the shower, I brush my teeth…It’s kind of a one-stop shop for me,” says the supermodel. “The fact that I can leave the shower feeling beautiful from head-to-toe is perfect.”2. Hydration is Key“You moisturize your face every day, but do you ever think about moisturizing your feet?” Rocha asks. “Probably not.” It’s important to care for feet the same way we care about the rest of our body. Remember to drink lots of water and apply SPF, Rocha suggests, “happy feet, happy life.”SummerFootCare_CocoRochaRocha keeps her feet runway-ready with the Amopé electronic foot file.3. It’s All in the Shoes“If you’re like me, you’re probably not choosing comfort over style,” laughs Rocha, but it’s a good idea to invest in something a little more relaxed. Slip on a pair of sensible heels or flats to minimize the chance of blisters and sore feet (a little extra TLC at the end of a long day helps, too).4. Go Au NaturelBeach-ready toenails don’t need to be painted. Try ditching the polish in favour of a natural look. Not convinced to give up the varnish? Try neutral shades like nude or greige for a similar effect.5. Or Try the UnexpectedDon’t pick polish based on the season. We often think dark colours are better suited for winter months, but that’s not the case, says the supermodel. “I do whatever I’m in the mood for.” Her go-to is a black base with a metallic top coat, even when the sun is shining!

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