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Review: I Had the Least Painful Wax of My Life at Vancouver’s New Fuzz Wax Bar

Hard wax (and genderless booking) is a game changer at this new Kitsilano wax bar.

I believe “painless waxing” is an urban myth, like “reverse racism” or “healthy internet use.” Companies that claim they have the tools or techniques to make ripping your hair out an enjoyable experience are lying. And no matter how hard a wax bar tries to look like a spa or an Apple store or a dispensary (they’re all kind of the same, right?), it’s still kind of a sucky place to have to go. 

So I can’t say that the wax I had at the new Fuzz Wax Bar at 16th and Macdonald was painless or comfortable. But I can say it was the least painful and most comfortable one I’ve ever had in my life. 

The Kits location is Fuzz’s first in B.C., but the company has half a dozen wax bars in Ontario, a few in Quebec and one each in Newfoundland and Alberta. Fuzz is known for membership services (you can buy one of three memberships to get special perks and pricing, which seems smart if you’re getting waxes regularly) and for genderless booking—when you make an appointment for a down-under service, you book according to anatomy. This means that instead of booking a women’s or men’s service, you’d opt for a “Deep Kini (V)” or a “Between the Cheeks (P).” (I got the former, and luckily there is an online appointment booking system, so if you’re an immature prude like me you don’t have to actually say that out loud). 

Fuzz Wax BarThe reception area at Fuzz has all of the company’s retail products (think body scrub, lotion and even an at-home wax kit).

As I was lying on the table acting like the little towel was doing anything to help the eyeful of crotch my waxer was about to experience, she informed me that Fuzz uses hard wax on sensitive areas (a.k.a., the crotch about to be eyed). She said hard wax would be less painful than soft wax. I did not believe her. 

But, to my surprise, the Fuzzologist (yes, that is what they call themselves and yes, I have reluctantly gotten on board) was right. It still wasn’t fun, but it was both the quickest and least painful wax I have ever had. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Russian lady I used to go to in Richmond who started every interaction with “make leg like froggy,” but Fuzz definitely has her beat. 

I thought that the relative comfort of the experience might mean that the wax didn’t last as long, but once again was proven wrong. I’m a person whose leg hair tends to stubble up within 24 hours of shaving (lucky me) but the coast was 100 percent clear on this wax for a full nine days after. 

The service I got was $42 (for reference, Stripped’s French wax is $53 for hard wax and Bare Wax Bar’s French Bikini is $48 for hard wax). Here’s a snapshot of Fuzz’s memberships—”member pricing” is about 25% off, depending on the service. 

Fuzz Fan ($17 a month): member pricing on all services, 20% off the Fuzz Retail line, a complimentary service during your birthday month 

Fuzz Faithful ($42 a month): same as “Fan” plus one free service per month 

Fuzz Fanatic ($65 per month): same as “Fan” plus three free services per month 

Did I have fun at Fuzz? Not really, but waxing isn’t fun. My Fuzzologist was friendly, the service was speedy, and it didn’t hurt that much. Really, that’s all you can ask for. 

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