Q&A: Midnight Paloma Founder on the Clean Beauty Movement, Skincare and More

Because everyone deserves an at-home face massage at the end of a long day.

There’s something comforting about the clean beauty movement. Sure, I might be exposing myself to carcinogenic radiation every time I talk on the phone. And yes, I may be slowly getting carbon monoxide poisoning by breathing in car exhaust on the way to work every day. But by golly, I’m going to start my day with a spritz of organic rosewater on my face and end each night with drops of sweet almond oil under my eyes. Every little bit counts, right? It turns out there are actually tons of cool clean beauty brands right here in Vancouver (so points for eco-conscious ingredients and shopping locally) but Midnight Paloma is one that’s leading the charge. Since its launch in 2017, it has quickly gained momentum—now you can find their products in stores all over Canada (including a block from my house, so that’s a win for me). MP founder, skincare whiz and new mom Tayler Rogers talks clean beauty, entrepreneur life and more.

What is Midnight Paloma? 

Midnight Paloma is my side hustle/passion project turned full time gig. I wanted to use my knowledge, experience and passion for clean beauty and create my own line. I originally ‘launched’ in 2017. I put launched in quotations, as it was a pretty soft launch. I originally made the line to sell in my former retail store. 

I think what stands out behind Midnight Paloma aside from being clean, small batch and Canadian-made, is that I want it to be fun and approachable. I started off as MP’s first customer and will always be testing out new formulas. If it’s something I don’t believe in, I don’t launch it. 

For someone who’s new to skincare, what are the basic must-have products? 

There will always be lists of products you ‘must have’ but for me, if someone who is new to skincare doesn’t know where to start, my advice would be to find product they are actually going to take the time and use. Get yourself some solid basics and slowly fill the gaps. 

What is clean beauty and why is it important? 

You would be shocked if you aren’t currently looking at ingredient lists of your products what’s in them. And that’s where I had my wake up call. Not all preservatives are bad, and it can be hard to know what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but I think having an awareness of what ingredients to avoid is a good start. 

This is one I wonder basically every day in Vancouver: Do I still need to wear sunscreen when it’s rainy out? 

We don’t have a SPF option from MP, but getting into the habit of a daily sunscreen is 100 percent one of the best ways to prevent aging. Even when it’s raining in Vancouver. The sun is strong! 

Best hack to get your skin through winter? 

Layering skincare and doing a weekly mask! I’m combination, but I still use our Face Oil during the day on top of a moisturizer and the Everything Balm at night. Hydration is key. And getting a weekly mask will really help your skin to absorb the product you use. (Plus, it’s ‘me time’ which none of us seem to get enough of these days.)

What beauty product are you loving at the moment? 

Not to be biased, but our Gua Sha tool is literally my saving grace. I find after a long day I carry a lot of tension in my jawline and across my forehead. Once my little guy goes down for sleep, I rock the Face Oil and release all my facial muscles. It is amazing and I look forward to it every night! 

Tried and true Holy Grail of skincare? 

I’m a big fan of oil-based products. The richer, the better! 

Most overrated beauty trend? 

Glitter. It’s bad for the environment and even worse for your skin. It’s time to kiss that toxic trend goodbye! 

Biggest misconception about skincare? 

That it will start working the day after you start using it. You have to be patient and give your skin time to adjust to a new regime. It can take few months to notice a change. 

Tell me a little about your beauty tools. 

The tools were something that happened really organically. I found a small Dry Brush that I started using on my face. I loved the results and I started researching more about what other types of tools were available. Interestingly enough, I just assumed that most people had either tried them or weren’t interested. But my friends and family were intrigued so I thought ‘this is something that isn’t readily available’. One thing that we did a little different is include step by step instructions on how to use them so anyone can integrate them into their current skincare regime. I love the self-care movement, and I’m all about getting those breaks for yourself. I think the tools really embody that mindset.