Vancouver Bloggers Share Their 2017 Style Resolutions

Can you guess which fashion and beauty trends these bloggers are most looking forward to seeing next year?

Can you guess which fashion and beauty trends these bloggers are most looking forward to seeing next year?

The new year is just around the corner, so it’s time to clean out our closets and usher in some new looks. We caught up with seven Vancouver bloggers to find out which style trends they’ll be leaving behind—and which ones they can’t wait to show off in 2017.

Alicia Winnett, Alicia Fashionista

1. Alicia Winnett, Alicia Fashionista

Leaving in 2016: Muted Colour Palettes“Though I’ve loved it, the muted colour palette of 2016 is something that I do hope to leave behind. I can’t wait to include some punchy hues back into my wardrobe.”Welcoming in 2017: Spanish-inspired Pieces“I love all the Spanish-inspired pieces I’ve been seeing (clothing with frills, ruffles, bell sleeves and beautiful embroidery) that I’ll hopefully continue to see in spring and summer. I’d ease into the trend with a blouse or sweater with bell sleeves!”Alicia’s Fashion Pick:Two-tone frilled sweater by Zara ($50).

Chris Weber, Chris Weber Hair

2. Chris Weber, Chris Weber Hair

Leaving in 2016: Low Lights“Although not exactly a ‘trend’, I would leave low lights behind. There are a few reasons for this. For one, they are entirely unnecessary. An experienced colourist can work with your natural colour as your base. Secondly, low lights tend to go brassy quite quickly—much faster than your highlights would need upkeep. This can become costly to maintain when you are accommodating two cycles.”Welcoming in 2017: Peach Tones“I am loving peach tones! I have completed a few peach looks for fashion bloggers and I adore the results. I definitely think I will be doing more of these in 2017.”Chris’s Product Pick:Weber used Blond Studio by L’Oreal and Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Peach  by Joico to get the peachy tone pictured above.

Cara McLeay, A Fashion Love Affair

3. Cara McLeay, A Fashion Love Affair

Leaving in 2016: Socks and SandalsWelcoming in 2017: Stripes“Stripes! They were everywhere on the 2017 runways and what is great is that all stripes in all shapes and sizes are in. You can even pair stripes with stripes! A great striped top or striped dress (a rainbow one is my dream!) is a great addition to your 2017 wardrobe.”Cara’s Fashion Pick:PEDALE mohaire and wool knit shirt by Max Mara.

Kendra Hagerman, Kendra Found It

4. Kendra Hagerman, Kendra Found It

Leaving in 2016: Dirty Makeup Brushes“While this may not be a trend for everyone, it’s definitely a trend for me.  Cleaning my makeup brushes is one of those jobs that I’m embarrassingly bad at, even though I’m very aware of how much bacteria lives on makeup brushes and tools.”Welcoming in 2017: Slogan Shirts“As a writer, I love words, so it’s no surprise that I also love wearing them. They are fun and easy—just throw on and go.”Kendra’s Fashion Pick:I Am Freaking Cold sweatshirt by Avenue L ($34).

Virally Liemena, Viranlly

5. Virally Liemena, Viranlly

Leaving in 2016: Camouflage“It’s way too overdone, and it’s about time for camo to start blending in and eventually disappear.”Welcoming in 2017: Cropped, High-waisted Pants“Thom Browne always has a chic lineup of this pant style.”Virally’s Fashion Pick:Navy beltloop trousers by Thom Browne ($1,270).

Jen Tam, Her Waise Choice

6. Jen Tam, Her Waise Choice

Leaving in 2016: Long Hair“I cut my hair to shoulder length a couple of months ago and am saying goodbye to my longer locks (for now at least). I love having a shorter, fresher do and am thinking of chopping even more off!”Welcoming in 2017: Statement Earrings“I’m looking forward to wearing larger, but still sleek, earrings in my every day looks. I’ve spent years wearing the most minimal studs so it will be fun to incorporate more statement pieces again.”Jen’s Fashion Pick:Soft diamond hoop earrings by Nisolo ($38).

Alex Grant, To Vogue or Bust

7. Alex Grant, To Vogue or Bust

Leaving in 2016: Flannel“I’ve got to say I’m not much of a ’90s girl. I’ve always felt so much more of an affinity for the rock-driven ’70s vibes and as much as I love me some grunge music, the flannel I can leave behind!”Welcoming in 2017: Fresh and Natural Makeup“A fresh, clean face is really trending for 2017 and natural beauty is something I’m drawn to anyway, so making use of multi-tasking products is so key for me! I love the trick of using lipstick as blush, something that Lisa Eldridge always does—it creates a cohesive look but is also really fresh and natural!”Alex’s Beauty Pick:Miranda May lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury ($38).