We’re Obsessed With This Tofino-Made Beauty Kit

One part essential oils, one part artisan leather—it's a match made in heaven.

One part essential oils, one part artisan leather—it’s a match made in heaven.

What do you get when you cross a chance encounter with two creative, enterprising women? For Tofino-based entrepreneurs Julie Boocock (Market Canvas Leather) and Claire Bond (Clarity Integrated Health) it’s the just launched Clarity x Market Canvas Travel Kit.The pair met at The Factory, a West Coast-inspired boutique studio and gallery showcasing local island creatives, when Bond, who specializes in massages, physical movement and aromatherapy, noticed Boocock’s gorgeous leather bags: “That’s one of my favourite things about Tofino and the community,” says Bond, “There are these incredible women that are doing amazing things.” Within four short months, an unlikely partnership was born.Bond, who splits her time between Tofino and North Vancouver, owns “body work” studios and creates custom wellness programs for clients (complete with her own homemade essential oil blends); Boocock had fallen in love with Bond’s lavender Breath roll-on, and Bond (who was already a fan of Boocock’s leather work) had been eyeing up a purple leather sample. “I was just coming in to say goodbye , and Julie said, ‘I have an idea,'” Bond recalls.Their travel kit (stylishly compact in one of Boocock’s leather pouches) is packed with five multi-purpose products that will moisturize, calm and treat inflammation, muscle pain and skin irritation. “I have a few core things that come with me wherever I go,” says Bond, who’s used to travelling back and forth from the Island. “These are those things.” (Bonus: each product is made with less than four ingredients. “If I can’t eat it, I don’t want it on my skin!” she laughs.)What’s Inside:

  1. Sage spray (can be used on the skin, in a room or on bed sheets for a soothing effect)
  2. Lavender bath and body oil (treats pain and inflammation)
  3. Magnesium flakes (sleep aid—to help with that pesky jet lag!; use in bath with lavender oil for best results)
  4. Peppermint Breath roll-on (soothes headaches and stimulates blood circulation while on planes)
  5. Body butter (moisturizes skin when the dry air on a flight is threatening to turn you into a raisin)

It was important to the pair, who are both passionate about shopping local, handmade products, that their kit was as high-quality as possible. So, it only made sense that Boocock’s leather pouch would be durable and padded enough to carry glass packaging—and to store in handbags or backpacks. “In our culture, there are a lot of disposables,” says Bond, but everything they’ve made can be reused or recycled.The Clarity x Market Canvas Travel kit ($120) can be ordered here. The pair has only produced 60 of the kits, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. But don’t worry! “We’re already thinking of our next project,” says Bond.

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