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Your skincare routine may be missing something – a connection with nature

It has become a common theme in the beauty and wellness industry to discuss how our skincare routines can do wonders for a moment of escapism and to really take time for ourselves. This ideology is so important but it may be missing something – finding a connection with nature as we do so.

For many of us, nature is healing and helps us find deeper connections with the big picture of who we are and what we are a part of. More of us need to reconnect and find our way back to green spaces to find real relaxation. As many people live in larger cities, some ways we can reconnect are through daily rituals like our skincare routines.

Australian beauty and wellness brand, endota, has built their products and brand values on being interconnected with our environment and are now sharing how we can all do so. Read on to learn how and why you should incorporate plant based products within your skincare.

Simplicity of nature – simple ingredients

It isn’t necessary to overcomplicate things, nature often has simple answers! Try using organic products with ingredient lists you can understand. By using products that have safe, COSMOS certified organic ingredients that are as close to their pure form as possible, you are being true to yourself and your wellness.

Start your skincare ritual with soothing, healing ingredients to get into a state of relaxation. This Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk by endota uses healing properties such as calendula, that has shown to accelerate wound healing in recent studies. Not to mention, endota products use essential oils to add aromatherapy benefits, and we know scent is a key way to start a relaxation routine and remind us of the smells of the outdoors.

So many powerful and healing ingredients can be found

The answers are already out there in the wild, we just need to embrace them. Botanical ingredients are beneficial to the skin when used in the correct formulations. Not only will you find that inner glow by finding peace in reconnecting with nature, you’ll find it from using ingredients that are in line with our skin’s needs.

Best Health Magazine notes how seed-based botanicals are concentrated powerhouses as everything a plant needs to grow is within the seed, so using them provides nutrition to the skin. This Radiance Boost Serum is packed with natural antioxidants and powerful botanical seed oils that will help you amp up your illumination and visibly repair the health of your skin.

There is peace and relaxation in connecting with nature

Beyond ingredients, the earth reminds us to relax and connect with who we are. Making space in our skincare routine to take deep breaths and honour ourselves will make a huge impact in our day to day lives. Try adding more rituals that include your whole body to really release any tensions that exist – your skin extends beyond just your face!

Body scrubs and body masks are really great additions to any routine to feel connected with mind and body to release stressors. Try using this Coffee & Coconut Resurfacing Polish a few times a week to firm and tone your skin while stimulating circulation.

Being still and listening to your body

In your routine, a way to feel bridged with Mother Nature is taking time to be still and listen. When we are out in the woods or at the beach, it reminds us to stop and feel what is around us. You can do so in your routine by taking time with each step and even playing some quiet forest or water sounds off of a nearby device. While nothing beats the real thing, this sure is close when living in a big city.

Hopefully you are able to incorporate some steps that help you find peace through nature and reconnect with who you are. Taking time for yourself to be still is the best thing you can do in your busy life.

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