A Huge Vintage Streetwear Pop-Up Market Is Coming to Vancouver This Sunday

The Granville Flea is August 21 in Olympic Village (don’t get confused).

The worst thing about thrifting in Vancouver? Everyone loves thrifting in Vancouver. And while I think our collective pivot to gently used clothing is net positive (here’s looking at you, environment) it also means sticker shock at a lot of our favourite stores. Yes, there are folks who will pay $60 for someone’s dad’s old band T-shirt. When the demand is so high, good things get scarce—and the good things that are available can be just as pricey as buying new. 

So it’s always fun when a new vintage or used clothing store opens (Rummage in Kits, which opened about a year ago, is one of my favourites—I guess I’ll stop gatekeeping it now). Or when a thrifty event comes to town. That’s the case this weekend: the Granville Flea Vintage Expo is coming to Vancouver. 

Granville Flea Beaumont Studios 1

Don’t let the name fool you—the Granville Flea is taking place at Beaumont Studios in Olympic Village. Kind of like how Vancouver International Airport is in Richmond and our own Vancouver magazine office is in Burnaby. 

Granville Flea Beaumont Studios 2

From 10am to 6pm on Sunday, August 21, vintage streetwear and high fashion sellers will take over the building (but not completely—there’s also room for the artists, DJs, and the Top Rope Birria food truck). Admission is $7 online or $8 at the door. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the vendors: 

The Granville Flea Vintage Expo 2022 

Sunday August 21, 10am to 6pm 
Beaumont Studios 
Entry $7 online/$8 at the door