10 Great Sweats to Honour International Sweatpants Day

International Sweatpants Day is January 21 (as if you needed an excuse to invest in a comfy pair of pants).

Claims of “International [Insert Niche Marketable Item here] Day” are on the rise, and while a calendar should never dictate your shopping habits (unless it’s, like, your Mom’s birthday) there’s never a wrong time of year to think about personal comfort. And nothing beats a good pair of sweatpants. They’re a versatile garment for working out, sleeping, grocery shopping, lounging around at home, and everything in between. Here are some of the best in Vancouver.

Daub’s Wide Leg Sweatpant

1. Daub’s Wide Leg Sweatpants

These Daub sweatpants are made of bamboo, cotton and spandex fleece. They have an elastic waistband and pockets, perfect for those looking to wear sweatpants outside of the house. Their wide leg design also makes them ideal for a more casual look (and they’re easier to wear with boots). $148, daubanddesign.com


2. Oak + Fort’s Sweatpants

Soft and made from an organic cotton blend, these sweatpants are best for lounging at home. They’ll keep you comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that this brand is environmentally conscious. They use organic, sustainably sourced and recycled materials. $48, ca.oakandfort.com

La Vie en Rose

3. La Vie en Rose’s Chenille Straight Leg Pants

Made from 100% polyester, these straight leg pants look great on everyone. The elastic waistband keeps them in place while you go about your day, or roll around your couch while binging on your favorite show. The ribbed hem also adds a nice touch. $50, lavieenrose.com

Victoria’s Secret

4. Victoria’s Secret’s Velour Joggers

One design, many styles. You have a variety of colors to choose from when it comes to Velour Joggers, and you can also choose between a ribbed or smooth texture. Also… who doesn’t love pockets? They’re cozy and glam, a best-of-both-worlds situation. $74, victoriassecret.com


5. Lululemon’s Braided Detail High-Rise Jogger

These of joggers are perfect for working out. Their cotton-blend fleece material makes them naturally breathable, and the full length and high rise design will keep them in place while you’re lifting weights, doing pilates or working cardio. $64, lululemon.com


6. Roots’ Cloud Sweatpants

These sweatpants are made with a cozy cotton blend and an ultra-soft fleece. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester fleece, they’re both durable and comfy. You can choose from a variety of colours to suit your personal lounge vibe. $78, roots.com


7. Aritzia’s Terry Fleece Mega Sweatpants

With twelve colors to choose from, these sweatpants are both breezy and functional, kept in place with an elastic waist and cuffs. You can also choose between three different lengths (hey, we don’t all have the same leg-height). $70, aritzia.com


8. Herschel’s Sweatpants

Perfect for everyday wear and made from 100% cotton, these sweatpants are the best combination of cozy and soft. There’s also 22 colour options to choose from (indecisive people, good luck). $85, herschel.ca


9. Smash + Tess’s Ava Wide Leg Pants

These bright sweats are made with soft sweatshirt fabric with brushed back fleece. They’re statement-makers, even if you’re only making a statement to your cat. $67, smashtess.ca

Reigning Champ

10. Reigning Champ’s Midweight Terry Relaxed Sweatpants

Reigning Champ’s sweats scream chill (you know, in a chill way) and they’re made in Vancouver. Brag-worthy. $135, reigningchamp.com