3 Cool Experience-and-Gift Combos for Dad

Why not give dad some great memories and a great gift this year?

Why not give dad some great memories and a great gift this year?

Your dad has probably given you a lot of great stuff over the years—your first baseball glove, your first car, or in the case of my dad, a vintage thesaurus (we’re not athletic)—but he’s also shared a lot of experiences that have made you, well…you. So, this Father’s Day, why not do justice to both? We’ve picked out three incredible experiences dads will love, and for good measure, we’ve found three bonus gift ideas to go along with ’em.

(Photo: Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, Facebook.)

1. Rhythm and Booze

The Experience: Salmon Arm Roots and Blues FestivalYou might run the festival circuit every summer, but when was the last time your dad escaped for a weekend of music and madness in the boonies? He might not want to jump into the festival deep end at an EDM show, so we suggest you pick up a pair of tickets to the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues festival. It’s the perfect way to catch up with dad while he catches legendary blues musicians in their element. August 16 to 19; weekend, day and evening passes available from $40, rootsandblues.ca

The Gift: Siete Misterios ArroquenoIf you’re planning to grab a weekend pass, you should probably bring a bottle to share at the campground. Whisky is a classic choice, but mezcal still has the smoky, savoury flavours dads tend to love. Siete Misterios Arroqueno will hold up to dad’s favourite single malt any day. $185, legacyliquorstore.com

(Photo: Matt Boulton, Flickr.)

2. Take Him Out to the Ball Game

The Experience: Vancouver Canadians GameLong, sunny afternoons spent playing watching ball—what’s better than that? Grab a pair of premium seats and a couple beers at Nat Bailey Stadium and enjoy a minor-league game (you can even use the time between plays to really coax some fatherly wisdom out of your old man). June to September; tickets available from $16, milb.com/vancouver

The Gift: Ollie Quinn Porter SunglassesIt’s gonna get sunny out there (a.k.a. it’s your one opportunity to get dad to stop wearing wrap-arounds). The simple, geometric lines of Ollie Quinn’s Porter sunglasses have just enough ’80s charm that dad might actually love ’em. $149, olliequinn.ca

(Photo: Bradley Wentzel, Unsplash.)

3. Top Gun

The Experience: Ultralight Flight LessonThere’s something poetic about giving dad a chance to soar as a thank you for all the times he did the same for you growing up. Let him take in some stellar views as he flies over the Vancouver skyline—and just hope he hasn’t been hiding a fear of heights from you all these years. $169 for 45 minutes, perfectday.ca

The Gift: Herschel Varsity JacketWhat’s the point of giving dad a flying lesson if he can’t look like a total badass on the tarmac? Get him a classic bomber and he’s guaranteed to ask everyone to call him Maverick for the rest of his days. $204, nordstrom.com