7 Summer Staples for a Complete (and Compact) Wardrobe

Time to wake up and smell the florals—summer is here.

Time to wake up and smell the florals—summer is here.

With the changing of the seasons comes the need for essential, versatile and stylish pieces. Instead of breaking your budget trying to be on trend, simply buy a few items that will complete any summer outfit and can be worn again and again.Thrifting for trendy and seasonal clothing, accessories and jewellery is not only cost-effective, but it’s actually fun. Plan a trip down to your local Value Village to pick up a few of these summer staples (we’re sure you’ll discover a few more).

1. Brimmed Hat

A well-fitting brimmed hat will never go out of style, making it a must-find for your wardrobe. Unfortunately, a new one could set you back upwards of $75. Fear not, fashionistas. Value Village has a massive section of quality, designer hats for wallet-friendly prices (think $29.99). They can pair with anything you already own to create a chic, tailored look. (Photo: @erinelizabethh)

2. Sandal Shoes

Naturally, sandals are an essential part of your summer wardrobe. The average flip-flop might not take you from the beach to dinner in style, however. Search your local thrift stories like Value Village for a pair of sandal shoes that both your toes and your wallet will love. (Photo: @wolfe_knox)

3. Simple Skirt

Easy to layer, a simple grey or black skirt is the perfect piece to transition from mid-afternoon patio drinks in English Bay to trivia night in Gastown. Throw on a cropped denim or leather jacket and a simple tank to pull it all together. Both the jacket and the skirt featured below were found at Value Village. Talk about #ThriftStyle. (Photo: @sherleeee)

4. Chuck Taylors & Denim

Your summer essentials checklist must include the following: Chuck Taylors and denim shorts. No questions asked, these two pieces will never go out of style. Pick up a white pair of Chucks and a pair of high-waisted Levi cutoffs (or DIY your own using a vintage pair of jeans). (Photo: @nbholastyle)

5. The Basics

Layered basics are perfect for both work and play during the summer. A cropped leather jacket paired with a breezy tank, airy denim jeans and a pair of Vans is ideal for a summer day in Downtown Vancouver. Try pairing these casual-chic pieces with items already in your wardrobe. Tuck your tank into a pair of denim shorts or top a maxi dress with a brimmed hat and leather jacket. (Photo: @gabwielle)

6. High-Waisted Denim

Not just reserved for 70s moms, high-waisted denim makes every derrière look fantastic. Value Village receives over 6,000 items daily, so your odds of scoring the perfect pair are looking pretty good. Style with a bright crop or a knotted white tank for an effortless Kits seaside look. (Photo: @prettylittlelayers)

7. Sunnies

Instead of spending $200 on sunglasses that are just going to get scratched at the bottom of your purse, consider checking out the sunglasses section at your local thrift megastore. You’ll find designer shades at a fraction of the price. Not only do these babies protect your eyes, they can also pull together an outfit in an instant. (Photo: @mathoue)