7 Weekender Bags to Travel the World With in 2023

A toast to no more lost luggages.

With Covid restrictions lifting all over the world, we have more opportunities to travel now than we’ve had for the past few years. (Insert party emoji.) Don’t blow these good feelings by overspending on checked luggage, or risking losing your bags: instead, make the weekender bag your companion for your return to the skies. 

A weekender bag is the tougher, fancier older sister to the humble duffle bag. Characterized by durable materials, a structured outer body and multiple inner pockets, a weekender bag is the ideal solution for a two-nighter, but a savvy packer can make one work for even a week-long jaunt. Read on for seven of our fave travel companions. 


Woman holding Everlane's weekender bag
Credit: Everlane

1. Everlane The ReNew Transit Weekender

Everlane is a household name for sustainability enthusiasts, and their weekender bag is quickly rising in the ranks between other competitors. The ReNew Transit Weekender has more of a pillow-y look compared to most structured weekenders, and is made of 100-percent recycled—or “ReNewed”— polyester. It passed their own brand’s “Cleaner Chemistry” sustainability test, meaning it was not made using any harmful chemicals. $148, everlane.com

Beige nordace weekender bag with beige faux leather detailing on handles.
Credit: Nordace

2. Nordace Siena Weekender

The Siena Weekender from Nordace is more inconspicuous compared to other options in this list, while still encompassing all the awesome features of a weekender bag (and it’s on sale right now!). It has a shoe compartment and is made from water resistant fabric. The coolest feature about this bag is the retractable USB charger that comes with the bag—compatible with Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB. No more dead electronics! $159, nordace.com

Black Herschel weekender bag.
Credit: Herschel

3. Herschel Tech Novel Duffle

Another household name for Vancouverites, Hershel’s Tech Novel Duffle is a popular option for the city-dweller. It comes in three sizes, the mid-volume (sold out right now), standard, and tech. The tech version resembles the most closely with the typical weekender bag, with a separate laptop compartment, zippered luggage trolley sleeve, and shoe compartment. This particular bag has a softer shell and more rounded look compared to others we’ve seen, but that doesn’t compromise functionality. $160, herschel.ca

Brown vegan leather weekender bag.
Credit: Matt & Nat

4. Matt & Nat ZAM Vegan Weekender Bag

Canadian company Matt and Nat is no stranger to Vancouverites. Although they made their name from their cute vegan leather mini backpacks, they also have larger options for those weekend trips. The Zam weekender is made with canvas and vegan leather materials, and can be fully unzipped to become a full length garment bag. How cool is that? What’s even better: this style is on sale for over $100 off right now. $165, mattandnat.com

Lululemon's black weekender bag.
Credit: Lululemon

5. Lululemon City Adventurer Large Duffle Bag 29L

Vancouver’s own Lululemon also offers a version of a weekender bag. The City Adventure Large Duffle is designed for “on the move”—a trip to the gym or a weekend adventure. The bag only comes in black, is made with a water resistant nylon and features a bold outer compartment zippered design. $178, lululemon.com

Two people carrying beige and tan monos weekender bags.
Credit: Monos

6. Monos Metro Weekender

The Metro Weekender bag from Monos is for those of you who want to look classy and sleek without sacrificing functionality. This version comes in a nylon material or vegan leather, an outer 16-inch laptop sleeve, and a zippered lower storage compartment for shoes or wet items. Business trips, anyone? $300-$325, monos.com

Away's weekender bag on a suitcase.
Credit: Away

7. Away Everywhere Bag

Possibly the most well known brand for frequent flyers: Away. The Everywhere bag is unique in that its main compartment zipper is towards the side of the bag, and it opens sideways (instead of opening from the top). You can choose from three different sizes, depending on your travel needs (pro tip: if you’re an over-packer like me, you’d want to go for the largest size). The bag has a water-resistant nylon body and leather handles. $325, awaytravel.com