7 Wild and Wonderful Fashion Shoots from the VanMag Archives

Nothing preserves a moment in time quite like an outfit.

Nothing preserves a moment in time quite like an outfit.

Here’s to the jungle bathing suits, pirate shirts and ultra-teased perms that have graced our historic fashion pages.

These power-pigment blouses from the (still) Vancouver-based designer Catherine Regehr show how she always pushed the envelope on West Coast style. March 1991 

This sizzling trend report urged readers to branch out and mix prints and plaids—“especially when the print is a paisley shirt.” Summer 1985

We love this parachute-inspired “contemporary sportswear” accessorized with bold plastic bling from Martha Sturdy. Spring 1983

A leopard spot and checker two-piece was the perfect look for that “jungle beat”—courtesy of the swimwear feature “Splish Splash.” May 1987

Evening jumpsuits from Canadian designer Wayne Clarke got the Midas touch and the larger-than-life hair to match. Winter 1981

This fabulously ’70s scarf-bra-culottes ensemble serves as spookily on-point foreshadowing for where current trends are going. June 1972    

Look familiar, hipsters of today? Toque, big frames, ’stache and a dad-chic sweater from “Where There’s a Wool.” October 1977


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