9 Cute Shoes for Giving COVID the Boot

Footwear picks for the cherished moments we get to spend outdoors.

Going grocery shopping used to be a chore, but now it’s one of the few special occasions that I put any thought into what I’m wearing (case in point: currently in a Zoom-friendly sweater and tie-dyed pajama pants). We all have a responsibility to take all necessary precautions right now; let’s look cute while doing it. Here’s an almost exhaustive list of every reason you have to leave the house right now, and the ideal footwear for each of those thrilling events.

When You’re Running For the Bus

Why mess with a classic? For improved fit and comfort, apparently. Hunter’s reengineered Original Chelsea Boots ($160) feel good on your feet and will keep them cozy on those soggy city days when you’re sprinting for transit. Even if you miss it, you’ll still look stylish and sexily out-of-breath. hunterboots.com

When You Find Yourself at the Grocery Store at 5 p.m. (Again)

Every week you tell yourself you won’t. It’s inconvenient, it’s stressful, it’s unnecessary. And every week you realize you’re out of that one ingredient and think, I can just pop over after work. And when you’re naturally stuck in that 5:00 grocery store rush, stuck between people who can’t count to six (feet) and wear their mask like a necklace, at least these Gwemma boots ($160) show you’re not someone to be messed with. aldoshoes.com

When You’re Walking the Dog

Oh, to be a COVID canine, with the constant companionship of your loved ones and no concept of contagion. They are, however, embarrassed that you’re walking around in slippers, which make a wonderful snack but aren’t very weatherproof. These waterproof Pallaboss SC boots ($210) will do the trick. littleburgundyshoes.com

When You’re Visiting an Art Gallery

Now’s definitely the time to become a gallery culture vulture (remember to mask up before you take in all the cool paintings, sculptures and photographs our city has to offer). These Chunky Leather Ankle Chelsea boots ($380) are the perfect footwear for strolling through exhibits admiring all the art. Perhaps the most beautiful work in there is you. cosstores.com

When You’re Walking Through Nature

Let your inner horse girl shine in Vancouver-based Cadine’s moss suede Jodphurs ($395). They were originally designed for riding, and have that carefree cowboy vibe minus the spurs. Ideal for imagining you’re a cute farmer’s daughter sneaking out for a spicy love affair. shopcadine.com

When You’re Having Brunch on a Patio

Make sure everyone at the restaurant knows exactly what a fun-loving gal you are in these Chelsea Century boots ($199). They might not be the most versatile footwear in your closet, but there’s no pandemic restrictions on cute shoes. frankandoak.com

When You’re Visiting With Your Parents/Grandparents

It’s tough times for those of us who are have family and friends in at-risk populations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit. Those backyard drinks, through-the-window-visits and phone calls are what gets us through, and 2/3 of those require footwear. These La Reina boots ($250) from Vancouver-based Fleece and Hide will add a little pep to your step, and do some good, too—the small-batch shoes are only made 22 at a time, and every sale gives $5 to support high school education in Chiapas. fleeceandhide.com

When You’re Working (Even from Home)

Okay, maybe this is bananas, but we’ve heard that getting dressed in office clothes makes you more productive at home, so why not finish off the outfit? Vancouver-based Taffystep’s London Fog Boot ($129) is giving us major get-it-done-vibes. It’s weird, but we’re in month 8 now and anything goes. taffystepshoes.com

When You’re Chatting with Your Neighbour

Every pandemic conversation is the same. Yes, I’m holding up. No, nothing’s new. Same same. You know what’s a cool investment and great conversation starter? Custom shoes. Westerly Handmade shoes in East van (from $700) makes quality footwear that can also serve as a conversation topic. Win win. westerlyhandmadeshoes.com