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A Local Brand Is Selling Office-Worthy Loungewear for 70% Off This Weekend

Smash and Tess's usually-$130 rompers are on for 40 bucks.

This job isn’t good for my wallet. I’m in the pretty unique position of being super plugged-in to what local designers have on offer, and sometimes that means that I’ll impluse-buy a screenprinted t-shirt (for a very good cause) or line up for an hour for a denim sample sale or, in the case of this morning, buy “romperalls” because they’re 60% off.

Smash and Tess's "romperalls" in Midnight Black.Smash and Tess’s “romperalls” in Midnight Black.

Yup, I’ve already added these to my cart. (Plus a jumpsuit for a friend, because the $10 shipping seemed like a lot to me and the only way to rectify that was to peer pressure a buddy into buying something too, effectively cutting the S+H fees in half). Mariah, you owe me $59. And $40 for the socks and olive oil I got you from Costco. And $10 for sushi in January. Is this story a thinly-veiled attempt to get my friend to pay me? Maybe.

The sale is to celebrate Vancouver-based Smash and Tess‘s 6-year anniversary—and it’s their biggest one yet. The company’s cute loungewear is on offer for up to 70% off, and it’s not just the less popular stuff—the sale section of the site has lots of bestselling items, so you’re not just scrolling through leftovers the way you do in most big sales. Also notable is the size ranges—as of the morning of Friday April 8 (as I type this), sale items range from 3XS to 4XL. Smash and Tess is known for their execution of ridiculously comfy clothes that can pass for office attire with some smart accessorizing. So when you put it that way, I’m spending money to make money.

Smash and Tess SaleThe romperalls (middle) and the Sunday romper.

It’s a pretty sweet sale—plenty of inventory in inclusive sizing and prices that are actually significantly lower than regular. It’s on until April 11, but I’m anticipating sellouts before then (which is why I bought my stuff before I wrote this post… I gotta put me first).