Add to Cart: Cute Bathing Suits You Can Freebleed In

Knix’s 2021 swim line has leakproof bottoms. Period.

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If you’re not emotionally prepared to delve in to the reality that is swimming on your period, you can stop reading. I mean it. This is your permission to pretend that period-havers leak an even teaspoon of Listerine-blue liquid once a month and then continue playing tennis adorably. Go ahead. See ya. 

Okay, now that it’s just us—real talk. Swimming with a regular (or even heavy) period really isn’t the problem. Pop a tampon in and we’re good to go. It’s the light days that make me want to jump ship, or rather, stay as far away from a bathing suit as possible. Those days when your uterus is shedding just enough to leave an awesome stain on your beach towel but not quite enough to wear a tampon.

See, tampons are like college athletes. They have ambition, and if it’s not fulfilled, they get grumpy, jaded, and make life miserable for all around them. In other words, if you use a tampon when you have a light flow, taking it out is extremely uncomfortable. Imagine this but in your crotch.

Leave it up to Knix to come up with a solution. The Canadian intimates brand has made waves in comfy bras and leak-proof underwear, and now they’re making waves in, uh, the water. They just introduced their largest swimwear collection yet, which includes a leakproof bottom and one-piece.

They’re available only in black for now (personally I prefer their yellow looks, which don’t come in leakproof—makes sense) and the two sleek, simple styles don’t scream I’m On My Period. But you’re allowed to, if you want. It’s part of the deal.  The one-piece has built-in, removable padding and the bottoms can be mixed with any of their bikini tops (like, for example, the yellow one). For your consideration: 

She’s armed for success.

The leakproof swimwear holds up to 3 teaspoons of liquid, so it’s ideal for lighter days or a bit of extra help on heavier days (when the college athlete needs some backup). Go team!

Another reason to buy? Knix just announced a new partnership with the Black Women’s Health Imperative and together, they’re building the Nourish Community Doula Training Program. Their aim is to support the Black birthing community, and help fight maternal mortality rates. Knix’s inital $75,000 donation will go towards scholarships for up to 20 Doulas to receive training, and support 80 Black birthing families across the U.S. in receiving free postpartum care.

The Look: Knix’s Santa Monica Scoop bikini top in Honey and High Rise Leakproof swim bottoms
The Price: $55 each
Where to Find it:
Where to Wear it: Lounging on Kits beach, using your extra-long arms to reach into your friend’s bag of chips, hot tubbing with Aunt Flo