Add to Cart: I Couldn’t Stop Myself from Buying These Really Ugly Jeans

Like pugs and your baby (yes, YOUR baby) they’re so off-putting it’s cute.

Add to Cart is Vanmag’s weekly style column, in which assistant editor Alyssa Hirose offers honest takes on current trends, local designs, and whatever new clothes/jewellery/shoes she’s talking herself into (or out of) buying.

Everyone told me not to. I’m not exaggerating—I sent screenshots to all my friends. It was between these jeans and another, less ugly pair. Feedback was the same across the board: Don’t buy the Easy Jeans

What can I say, I’m a rebel. I am also easily fooled by goddess-like models who can wear a garbage bag and make it look chic. But beyond all, I am tired of wearing jeans that button up. No matter how comfy brands make their jeans sound, anything with a button or zipper is restricting. Give me wide legs. Give me elastic waistbands. Give me pyjamas.   

Everlane’s Easy Jeans are all of these things. They’re also totally lacking structure, have square-ass ass pockets and giant faux cuffs. The shade of blue is almost violent. But there’s something about ugliness that’s appealing. Like the mouse lemur.

Or the Littlest Pet Shop turtle.

Or Lola Scumpy from Big Mouth.

There’s plenty of other examples. Pugs. Most people’s babies. My boyfriend. (Unless he’s reading this, in which case, I’m joking).

15 months of working from home changes you. Personal comfort has become essential to my mental health. And I think that with nice enough shoes and a more structured shirt, the Easy Jean could fly in an office environment. And if we’ve managed to convince ourselves that bike shorts are OK to wear with blazers and heels, this shouldn’t be so tough.

Maybe I’m kidding myself. But what I love about fashion is the artistry—beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or the jean-wearer. Or the girlfriend. It’s 2021, and ugly is in. Get on board.

The Look: Everlane’s Easy Jeans in Deep Sea Wash
The Price: $83
Where to Find Them:
Where to Wear Them: Your first day back at the office, on a casual patio hang, begging your boyfriend to forgive you for calling him ugly on the internet