Add to Cart: The 100% Silk Outfit for Living Your Glamour Toad Fantasy

Adeera’s Edition II is made in Vancouver and ridiculously chic.

Add to Cart is Vanmag’s regular style column, in which assistant editor Alyssa Hirose offers honest takes on current trends, local designs, and whatever new clothes/jewellery/shoes she’s talking herself into (or out of) buying.

If you’re not a fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race and I haven’t already alienated you with this inside baseball story title (though if you ask me, the term inside baseball is pretty inside baseball), here’s what I mean by glamour toad.


Drag queen Ginger Minj made the title famous when she first graced the stage of Drag Race in 2015. She hails from Florida and is shorter and stouter than many of the other queens on the show. And her transformation from her boy clothes to being all dragged up is stunning.  To me, being a glamour toad means dressing the hell up despite your insecurities, and not letting anyone tell you you can’t be fabulous.


This was the kind of thing I thought about when I saw local brand Adeera’s second capsule collection. I was already a fan of their first edition, and interviewed the founders a few months ago about the upcoming release. During our conversation, Emma Reynolds and Shannon Hall said that Edition II would be more wearable than the first (Edition I was gorgeous, but in my opinion, best suited for special occasions).


Edition II was officially released last week—and while it’s definitely more wearable, it’s also extremely elegant. The 15 new 100% silk garments will stop traffic, in a good way. When I’m assessing fashion, I normally ask two questions: Do I love this? and Can I pull this off? The second question is much harder to answer, and generally makes me think about all my favourite body insecurities. If glamour/toad was a sliding scale, my everyday style (especially during COVID) is definitely closer to toad.

Luckily, it’s not a sliding scale. It’s a state of being. One can be all glamour and all toad, all at once. As extra as an all-silk outfit may seem, there’s no way that you could put this on and not feel instantly breathtaking. Maybe you can buy confidence.

That good feeling is more than a surface vibe: Adeera’s clothes are made to last a lifetime with Grade A silk, and their tiny production runs ensure there’s minimal waste (and the waste they do make is made into scrunchies).

The Look: Adeera’s Nicole Top and Michelle Pants
The Price: Top $205, pants $265
Where to Find Them:
Where to Wear Them: Wine tasting, an art gallery trip, your worst enemy’s baby shower,