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Apparently “Blokecore” Is Trending, and Vancouver’s Faulkner Is All Over It

The brand’s latest collab with resale platform Grailed takes on soccer in style.

You’ve probably never heard the term blokecore, but you’ve seen evidence of it around: stylish folks pairing vintage soccer jerseys with jeans and trendy accessories, transforming sportswear into streetwear. According to James Faulkner, founder of Gastown-based fashion retailer Faulkner, it’s big in the UK—and it’s growing in Vancouver. 

Newcastle x Adidas '90s Training KitNewcastle x Adidas ’90s Training Kit ($495)

It’s not surprising, given our city’s history of turning athletic wear into everyday fashion (see: yoga pants, running shoes, bike shorts, literally any person taking a walk in Kits). And while blokecore draws on UK pub culture—not-so-put-together men sporting their favourite team’s jerseys, possibly saturated with beer—the fashion-forward have elevated it into a very specific trend. 

Liverpool x Adidas Vintage 1995/⁠1996 Mesh Home Jersey ($200)Liverpool x Adidas Vintage 1995/⁠1996 Mesh Home Jersey ($200)

This week, Faulkner dropped their latest collaboration with Grailed, a menswear online resale platform. It dives right in to the blokecore vibe. That’s fitting, since founder James grew up playing soccer just outside of Manchester (and worked as a coach in the U.S. as an adult). “We’re bringing back sportswear from the ‘90s,” he explains.  

Leeds United AFC x Admiral 1992/1993 Vintage Training Top ($500)Leeds United AFC x Admiral 1992/1993 Vintage Training Top ($500)

Faulker says that Grailed has created a list of the 20 best sellers from around the world— “to keep the platform really current, high end and high quality,” he adds. These aren’t your dad’s old jerseys: the Leeds United AFC x Admiral 1992/1993 vintage training top (above) is $500. 

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