Buy Now or Cry Later: A Sunny Jumpsuit That Makes Summer Dressing Easy-Peasy

Summer sucks, but dressing for it shouldn't have to.

Summer sucks, but dressing for it shouldn’t have to.

Buy Now or Cry Later is a bi-weekly(ish) feature that recommends the newest, coolest and best fashion, beauty and home finds in our fair city. Heed our advice and buy now—or risk a stream of tears later if and when an item sells out.

Hot take (pun very much intended): summer sucks. Okay, maybe “sucks” is a strong word but I, for one, am not particularly fond of those three months of the year, when my sweat glands go into overdrive, my makeup consistently melts off my face and I’m forced to go on some godforsaken hike every other weekend to maintain my social life. (Can’t we just drink on a patio like normal people?) Most lamentably, I’m stuck with the conundrum of putting together outfits that are somehow light and breezy enough to tolerate 30-degree heat and appropriate for a 9-to-5 in an over-air-conditioned environment. Not an easy feat, I’m telling ya, especially when 60 percent of my summer wardrobe consists of distressed Levi’s cutoffs.

But, like the steadfast problem solver I am, I’ve found an answer in recent years: jumpsuits. Preferably, jumpsuits crafted from a lightweight, breathable material like linen or cotton, and drenched in a bold hue or print (no dark colours allowed—I’m trying to detract the heat). They should also be short-sleeve or sleeveless with full or ankle-length pants (like the ol’ saying goes: business at the bottom, party up top or something like that). So, yeah, basically this rayon-crepe, floral-patterned Frankie jumpsuit by Faithfull the Brand, which you can bet I most definitely snatched up when I came across it at Vincent Park recently.

Jumpsuits like this just make summer dressing (and outfit repeating) really easy. Pick the right one, and it’s a single show-stopping piece you can pop on in the morning and feel comfy and confident in all day, so you can focus your efforts on more important matters like whether or not you can make it to another two breweries by bike before sundown or dabbing the excess sweat off your brow every 10 minutes. Plus, once fall (the superior of the four seasons!) rolls around, you can easily transition the piece by layering a button-up or turtleneck underneath it. The fact that this particular jumpsuit by the Aussie-based Faithfull is ethically produced makes it all the sunnier.

Faithfull the Brand Frankie Jumpsuit in Marguerite Floral, $245

Available at Vincent Park.

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