Mejuri Opens New Brick-and-Mortar Boutique on West 4th

The online jewellery retailer is putting down roots in Kits.

In today’s thriving buying-stuff-on-the-internet industry, you’ve got your disrupting-the-supply-chain heroes, and you’ve got your drop-shipping grifters. And even for the savvy social media user, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the two. Is the Always pan actually good or are they just geniuses at marketing to millennials? Is this citrus-print sweater only $12 because they’ve figured out a genius new direct-to-consumer business model or because they’re exploiting Chinese factory workers? After being sold what is probably literally snake oil from Hairstory and enduring the greasiest weeks of my life, I’ve adopted a cautious attitude towards the world of e-tail: namely, I’ll believe it when I see it (or witness a friend successfully take the leap). 

So while I’ve long been curious about Toronto-based Mejuri—a direct-to-consumer fine jewellery brand that claims to cut down “traditional 10x markups” to bring you “fine jewelry you can wear every single day”—I’ll admit I’ve been scared to take the plunge sight-unseen. Not that I don’t appreciate a cheap-o bauble from time to time, but Mejuri’s elegant essentials are still priced on the premium end, so to spend $150 on hoops that might turn my ears green felt a titch risky. No, better to wait until a more daring friend took the leap, or until a pop-up came to town. 

And a pop-up did come to town, in 2019, and I missed it. And then it was a pandemic and who even needed jewellery anymore anyways? 

But now, we’re in 2021. The world is open again once more, and Mejuri is taking full advantage of both the rebirth of physical retail and a renewed hankering for dressing up with a full-fledged brick-and-mortar boutique on West 4th, open as of December 10.

This makes the eighth physical location worldwide for Mejuri, though only the second in Canada—the pop-up two years back bumped the brand’s B.C. revenues up so much that hanging a shingle here was a no-brainer.

Now, we’ve got a chance to get hands on with Mejuri’s collection, including best-sellers like 14K gold mini hoops, chunky honey quartz Heirloom rings, or opal studs, and see first-hand that the brand falls under the legit-modern-business umbrella.

For once-bitten-twice-shy online shoppers, that relief is something to celebrate… perhaps with a little something sparkly?

2166 W 4th Ave.