Here Are 6 Reasons To Ditch The Triangle Bikini Top

6 local and Canadian alternatives to the triangle top bikini.

Though a true classic, let’s be real, the triangle bikini top isn’t for every bust. And with various styling combinations having us flipping the top inside out and upside down to even try and make do with what we have, it’s time to give other bikini top styles a try.

We’re over it. And so we’re looking to these local and Canadian swimwear brands for smart swimwear alternatives.

The Oz Bikini Top ($89.99) from June Swimwear, made and designed in Montreal, is utter chic. The balconette style is a more structured version of the triangle, and that’s why we love it.

It’s simple and minimalistic yet somehow does more than the classic contender. Vancouver’s Fenntessa has designed the Disco Top ($64), which operates on a wraparound tie—providing a firm and secure grip without much worry about adjusting. 

A versatile and clever take on the triangle, Jorgie’s Flamengo Top ($68.50) cups and secures. Handmade in Vancouver, It’s a true upgrade, especially when it can be styled in more than one way.

If behind-the-neck ties are too rough, shoulder-ties are the way to go. The Marina Bikini Top ($90) from Selfish Swimwear, handmade in Montreal, gives your neck a break while being supportive and easily adjustable. 

Full coverage, no slip, we’re talking about The Halter Top ($109) from Ocin, sustainable and based in Vancouver. 

In case you’re bored of bikinis, this one piece stands out with a deep low back and a scrunched butt detail to flatter any curves. Introducing The Minimalist ($110) from Londre Bodywear, a local Vancouver brand.