Lululemon Fans Lined Up for Two Hours for Merchandise

Getting a good run-time tomorrow won’t matter if you don’t look good doing it, right?

Getting a good run-time tomorrow won’t matter if you don’t look good doing it, right?

seawheeze 2015 lineupLululemon’s sell-out SeaWheeze half-marathon may have taken place on Saturday, but the festivities kicked off on Friday with a package pick-up party at the Convention Centre featuring all your favourite early morning activities: acrobatics, hair-cut stations, a pool table, and lining up. Lots and lots of lining up.It was a 40-minute wait just to pick up your timing chip and bib—along with an exclusively branded tote, more importantly—likely because runners were discouraged from picking up on behalf of friends. To do so, you’d need a signed declaration form and their ID—no photocopies allowed. This is high-security stuff. Another 20-minute line brought you to a runners-only temp tattoo station. You know, classic race prep.Passers-by couldn’t help but notice the line that snaked around the building and down the block; that monstrous queue was solely to access the exclusive Seawheeze merch store. As of 8:30 on Friday morning, it was a two-hour wait for the opportunity to shop the limited-edition collection. Some Lululemon superfans (Lemonheads?) even arrived on Thursday night, camping out to claim a spot at the front of the line when the shop opened up at 7 a.m.Amid a festive atmosphere, we chatted with a few of the dedicated people in line to find out: is the wait worth it?Three Stages of Lululemon Line Griefseawheeze line 2015STAGE 1: ANTICIPATIONWhat time did you get here?We came to do the pickup and got here at 8:00, then we started lining up at quarter to 9. We’re guys, so I think we’ll have a better selection. I’ve done the race two years ago, and that was a lot of fun, but there was no lineup then.”seawheeze 2015STAGE 2: SURPRISE How are the kids doing?“We waited for our packages 20 minutes. The kids are doing all right… so far so good! The picking up the package wasn’t a long line.”Did you know this is a two hour line?“Two hours? I didn’t realize that.”Have you done the run before?“This is my third time. This is the first time they did the exclusive runner’s store, so I thought we’d come down and give it a try, but it looks like everyone else had the same idea. Last year I went in in the afternoon and the only thing I bought was a pair of socks.”How are you feeling about the wait?I’m not too anxious about it but I didn’t realize it was two hours… ask me again at the end.”seawheeze 2015 shoppingSTAGE 3: VAGUE REGRET How long did you line up for?“Maybe three hours. We got here at 5:30. “Was it worth it?“For me, it wasn’t worth it. There wasn’t enough selection that I loved, and it was way too long. And they didn’t have any accommodations when we got there… we were hungry and thirsty. At the end of the day I’m glad I did it once, but I don’t think I’d do it again.”“I got some fun things. I don’t know if I would do it again. I don’t know if the prices and selection made it worth it. But it was nice to be here with friends.”“I didn’t buy anything, I didn’t think it was worth it. I’d rather go to the store and not have to fight for my stuff.”Are you feeling pumped for tomorrow? “I’m looking forward to the race. That’s fun. It’s going to be fun…. once I pop some pain medication.”

Lululemon fans lined up for hours to access the exclusive merch during race package pick-up day.

The atmosphere was festive, despite long waits, thanks to performances (like these acrobats) fun stations where runners could grab coffee or get some nail art done.

If you needed a trim while your friends slog it out in the registration line-up, these on-site barbers were happy to oblige from their seaside station.