New Collab Proves Kali Works Hasn’t Forgotten Their Vancouver Roots

The now-Montreal-based brand worked with local artist Sade Alexis on their latest launch.

Alex Dingiria and Lindani (Lindy) Mokgweetsi founded Kali Works in Vancouver in 2019, and the pan-African online boutique made the move to Montreal in January 2021. The brand has always been about connection, no matter the distance—in the past, all of their clothing was made in collaboration with artists and makers from Africa—so it’s fitting that their newest launch incorporates the work of an artist from their old stomping grounds. 

Vancouver artist Sade B. Alexis is Kali Works’ latest artist partner. Alexis’ long-sleeved tee is the first in a collection called the The Diasporadic Series, which marks the brand’s first collaboration with an artist in the African diaspora. The bright yellow shirt, available for sale April 4, features a Black woman made up of Alexis’ tiny, detailed linework— it symbolizes “the collective harmony of the many efforts of black women as cultural workers in their own spaces,” according to Dingiria and Mokgweetsi. It’s bright and bold and perfect for summer 2021.

This new work, the first of Kali Works products to be made in Canada, kicks off what the brand hopes will be an extensive series of collaborations with Black artists outside of Africa. There’s plenty of talented folks that fit that category, but we’re glad that they’ve started in Vancouver.