On the Rise: Ethos Myth Makes Gorgeous Fine Jewellery in Vancouver

Michella Domo's work is so metal.

Photography by Kyoko Fierro.

Most jewellers get their start in a similar way: they take classes, score apprenticeships, get certified by the Gemological Institute of America and, of course, work their asses off. Michella Domo, founder of Ethos Myth, did all that—plus earned a diploma in mechanical engineering with a specialization in manufacturing. “I found the perfect marriage of my creative and logical selves in design,” she says.

Domo’s elegant and durable fine jewellery is fashioned with the community and environment in mind. She crafts her pieces in her downtown studio, recycling precious metals and producing very little waste. 

Her work is distinguished by funky details (think rare materials, stones set in unexpected places and pieces designed to clasp together). Her latest collection of “fine jewellery with a playful edge” just launched in January 2021.

“There is this beautiful hand-cut citrine that I got from a local lapidarist here in Vancouver, and I thought: what am I going to do with this stone that has such a unique shape? So I hand-fabricated a two-finger ring from 14-karat yellow gold and set that juicy citrine elegantly between the two fingers.” —Michella Domo

As an artist and an engineer, Domo admires metal (gold, mostly) for its strength, radiance and versatility. “Metal is a medium that you can heat up a whole bunch, and melt until it’s soft like liquid,” she explains. “But the more energy you put into that metal, the harder it gets—it’s this beautiful poetry.”