The Best ‘On Sale’ Fashion and Accessories to Put in Your Virtual Shopping Carts

This is your reward for that time you drove into downtown for the seasonal Artizia sale only to see Mackage leather jackets were $5 off.

This is your reward for that time you drove into downtown for the seasonal Artizia sale only to see Mackage leather jackets were $5 off.

The Scarf-Optional, Neck-Draft-Proof Winter Coat

$225 / $350

I think Aritzia felt bad about their previous “sales” too—why else would this winter staple, the Babaton Cobie coat, be on offer for 36% off (and not even part of a secret sale)?

Matrix Reloaded and Insulated

$99.95 / $195.99

Bomber cuffs and satiny fabric take Neo’s retro floor duster into 2018/2019 (and it’s 45% off y’all). Pair the Simons Modern Trench coat with anything from workwear to tapered athleisure and sneaks. 

Flower Dress Shirt to Please Grandmas

$59.99 / $125 

Florals so tidy and modest, even Queen Elizabeth would have you to tea. Bonus: You could buy this Vintage Floral regular-fit shirt from English Laundry for work and still have money left over for lunch at Whole Foods.

The Best Lippy Not Very Much Money Can Buy

$7 / $20

Stock up, people! This is not a drill! Sephora’s in-house brand of no-budge, eat-salad-without-stress Luster Matte Long-Wear lip colour is on sale in five colours, there’s got to be one or five that works.

Fire Up the Two-Wheeled Electric Unicorn

$88 / $188

That’s code for we’re ready to go riding on our city motorcycle, right? A plastic trendy vegan leather Moto Jacket for under $100?? Are you fur real Oak and Fort??

For the Price of a Craft Cocktail

$16.98 / $22

Consider this, Aldo’s Severidda hat is the same captain-inspired black cap you’ve seen on every hip server in East Van, BUT you didn’t pay full price for it.

True Blue

$109 / $139

Because you missed the Duer warehouse sale and have been kicking yourself ever since! Pick up a pair of the brand’s perfect mid-tone, warn-in Performance Denim and wipe away those tears. 

Cool Dad Plaid

$243.02 / $406.16

Have we got your attention now? If any item is going to have you playing tug of war with another customer in the store, screaming “Finders Keepers, Shelly!” this menswear-inspired, oversized wool coat from Avec Les Filles is it.

The Only Winter Tan You Need

$371.20 / $928

OK if you can forget that Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick is a vegetarian for a minute, these Marsell shoes (made from tanned horse leather) are very Toro Y Moi. City sophisticated casual with an eye to the cutting edge.

Fancy Party Polish

$10 / $22

Sephora has a sale on Deborah Lippmann (which is nail polish that’s free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate), but we did the math and the DL discount at Kitsilano’s Beauty Bar is even better.

Personality Socks

$7 / $14

Before there were curated Instagram accounts, people relied on jazzy socks to hint at the wild and wonderful contradictions within! Turn up the volume with these deeply discounted Stance socks in myriad prints and colours. 

High on Life Boots

$217.21 / $325.95 

Just a straight-up, stone-cold awesome pair of outfit-making, everyday over-the-knee suede boots (that are also totally walkable thanks to a shorty heel). All this for $100 off and it ain’t even your birthday.

On Storm Cloud 9

$349.95 / $595 

Suits are mighty substantial purchases and you’re going to be so happy you picked one up for 40% off when you didn’t need one so that you look hefty spectacular when you suddenly do.