The Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall, According to Our Style Editor

Looks you'll love for our favourite fashion season.

The superior of the four seasons (I said what I said, summer) has arrived, one that allows for polished boots of all heights, pullovers so plush you could sleep in them and all the rich, toasty layers your frame can handle. Looking to make the most of this decidedly sartorial time of year? From I’m-the-boss power suits to supersized neckwear, here’s how to amp up your wardrobe for fall. 

The Trend: Oversized Suits

’Tis the year of the jumpsuit, if the getups in runaway hits like Fleabag and Booksmart are any indication. And while the authority-asserting power suit contains one more item to throw on than those plunging one-pieces and utilitarian coveralls, it deserves a spot in your wardrobe for the very same reason the latter garments do: it earns you maximum style points for minimal effort.

1.  Allen Schwartz Aria jacket, $595, and Darcy pant, $525,  2. Comme des Garçons Homme Deux wool mohair sharkskin jacket, $1,595, and wool mohair sharkskin trousers, $890,  3. Burberry slim-fit press-stud tumbled wool tailored jacket, $1,980, and tumbled wool wide-leg trousers, $810, 4. Hugo Akata double-breasted blazer, $575, 5. Hugo Hulana wide-leg trousers, $350,   

The Trend: Leather Everything

Whether you prefer a vegan option or the real thing, drape yourself in a layer of soft, buttery leather once the mercury drops. Not because it’ll keep you warm—no, leather isn’t the best insulator, but fashion isn’t always about practicality, okay?!—but because how else are you going to assert your tough city-folk edge once you inevitably end up in a middle-of-the-country pumpkin patch this season?     

1. Nanushka Hide black vegan leather puffer jacket, $825,  2. H&M faux leather pants, $99, 3. Jacquemus Les Bottes Pantalon boots, $1,680,  4. Louis Vuitton Savoir-Faire calfskin trench coat, $11,400,  5. Brixton Fiddler cap, $44,  6. Want Les Essentiels Luka leather belt bag, $425,

The Trend: Leopard’s the New Neutral

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: leopard is a neutral, y’all. And the wild, wild print looks equally fierce whether you rock it in hints—say, with a pair of nylon-and-canvas high-tops—or unabashedly from top to toe, Fran Fine–style. Plus, few other patterns capture the public’s feline obsession more astutely than this classic does. (I’m not the only one still trying to scrub that Cats trailer from my brain, right?)

7. Just Don reversible coach’s jacket, $1,169,  8. Bevza Anna puffer coat, $835,  9. Marni leopard print belt, $525,  10. Wilfred leopard shirt-dress, $158  11. R13 faded leopard turtleneck, $525, 12. Dior B23 high-top sneaker, $1,450,  13. Aldo Wiema boot, $130,

The Trend: Teeny-Tiny Bags

There’s something liberating about ditching the big-enough-to-hold-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink tote and opting to carry only the essentials (which, no, do not include that stray triple-A battery and the same lip tint in three different shades because reasons). You can count on these modestly sized bags—don’t worry, none are as comically teeny as Jacquemus’s Le Mini Chiquito—to lighten the load.

1. Jacquemus Ceinture Bello leather belt bag, $615,  2. Nana-Nana A6 bag, $90,  3. Prada small Saffiano leather smartphone pouch, $895,  4. Loewe Gate mini-bag, $1,790,  5. Clare V. Chou Chou purse, $415,

The Trend: Supersized Scarfs

You know what they say: when in doubt (or when you’re freezing your tail off in sub-zero temps), wrap it up. And up and up and up when it comes to these supersized and oversized scarves, which protect your neck, chest, ears and nose—and hey, maybe even that forehead—in one ultra-cozy go. The bigger (and thicker) the better.

6. Acne Studios Vexter puffy scarf, $430,  7. Loewe Anagram mohair and wool scarf, $895,  8. Moncler tartan plaid wool blend scarf, $515,