Lifestyle with Joe Granato

Of his day job, “I tell my mom I make the complex simple and figure out how to bring the wow,” says Joe Granato, Lululemon’s director of operations, global initiatives. In other words, his team spots problems, then promptly solves them. Come weekends, though, he’s more likely to be spotted trouble-free on friends’ boats with good food. Granato’s passion for the water is most evident in his personal style: an East Coast nautical vibe mixed with midcentury and modern whimsy.What’s your favourite piece of  clothing? I’m a blue jeans guy. A good pair of slim, worn in, dark denim jeans — Levi’s 511s, A.P.C. — is key.One item you couldn’t throw away?  I have a hard time parting with anything gingham or boat shoes. I guess the uptight Wasp in me can’t let go.Your most recent home splurge? Crate & Barrel teak dining table and club chairs for the roof deck — also known as our land yacht because we can’t yet afford a real boat.How about when you travel. What are the must-takes? An eye mask for light blocking, Skoah hydrating mask, a copy of the latest Harvard Business Review.Your favourite gift of late? A Sage humidor for my cigars when fly-fishing.Do you ever leave the house wearing yoga pants? Yes, of course. When practising yoga.Favourite shaving cream? Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream in the pot (the squeeze tube is overrated).Which designer are you crazy about and what piece would you buy this season? I’m drawn to and have a love for British designers like Paul Smith or designers with British influence. This season, I’m into what’s happening at Jack Spade and need to add a staple blazer to my wardrobe.Best style advice? Use simple staple and timeless pieces then plus-up with colour or seasonal trends.Name three things that are always in your fridge. CoCos-Pure coconut water — addicted, blueberries, and six different kinds of mustards.Your favourite artist? Andreas Gursky, his photos capture and define “a photo is worth a thousand words.”Where do you get unexpected inspiration? A stone that a mentor gave to me: I hold it at the office when I need to ground myself, make a big decision, or if I’m in my head about a certain topic.Hostess gifts? Bubbly. A pro tip that was once given to me: hostesses rarely hate anything that has bubbles in it.Your favourite destination to vacation? I’ve learned the difference between a trip and a vacation. Vacation for me is the northwest side of Maui and making really big decisions like when I should drink my earliest mai tai.Where do you send out-of-town guests? Hands down, La Quercia. I’ve never had a bad meal there, and it’s perfectly executed.What’s on your nightstand? My iPad, lip stuff, whatever book I’m reading, and tissue. Wow, am I boring!Favourite book? This is more of a best book read from the past 12 months: Leading Change by John Kotter. It’s a textbook for leading transformative initiatives in an organization.Favourite colour? Navy. It’s warmer than black but a stable colour that pairs well with almost everything.What should every fashionable man own this season? A good quality tasteful phone case that’s in great condition. One from Jack Spade is a good inexpensive investment.What do you do when you’re feeling indulgent? Am I only supposed to buy indulgent things when I’m feeling indulgent?