The Top 7 Looks from Herschel’s New Genderless Clothing Line

Warning: graphic content. (Get it?)

We don’t like to generalize over here, but pretty much every Vancouverite has owned a Herschel backpack at some time or another. (Oh, not you? How interesting! How does it feel to be so unique and special?) Less pervasive is the Vancouver brand’s apparel—they make toques, clothing and other accessories as well—but we’re thinking that’s going to change after the launch of their latest line, Uniform, yesterday.

The new collection screams Vancouver, with lots of denim and waterproof wares. And, like the backpack, it’s gender-neutral. (New brand idea: Backpacks for Women! They’re heavier and cost more, like the burden of femininity.) Here are our favourite picks from Uniform.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Sam Sleeve LS tee in desert sun.

1. This Tee with Backpacks on the Sleeves

Maybe a little on-the-nose for a backpack company to come out with shirts that have their own backpacks on the sleeves (that’s kind of like a band wearing their own T-shirt to a concert). But we can’t get enough of this little cartoon bag. Maybe years from now, Herschel will make a backpack with a cartoon shirt on it—with a cartoon backpack on it? $40, find it here.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Varsity jacket in navy.

2. This Ultra-Sleek Varsity Jacket

All the old-school charm of a varsity jacket without massive old-school sleeves. This city-ready zip-up is effortlessly cool, jock or not. $150, find it here.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Denim shop jacket in light wash blue.

3. This Classic Denim Jacket

Can you ever have too much denim? They’re not reinventing the wheel here, but three deep, functional pockets are a win (it’s gender-neutral, but there’s one gender in particular that will be extra appreciative of a place to put their phones). $130, find it here.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Diamond hoodie in black.

4. This Deconstructed Design Hoodie

Like that the backpack sleeves on the Sam tee, the back of this hoodie is brand-heavy in a fun way: it sports the specs of Herschel’s signature diamond “lash tab,” which is supposed to be used for carrying things outside your backpack. It’s also a stylish element though, as this hoodie makes clear. $85, find it here.

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Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Field jacket in dark olive.

5. This Utility Jacket

Another pocket hero. This weather-resistant jacket has pockets, a zippered closure and a drawstring at the waist (you know, for that hourglass figure we’re all trying to achieve in a heavy jacket). $160, find it here.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Classic rain jacket in black.

6. This Everyday Raincoat

Few purchases can be justified as easily as a raincoat. This one comes in 5 colours (one of them a sunny yellow) and is made of a fabric that stretches. Ideal for your run to catch the bus. $100, find it here.

Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

The Oxford shirt in sax blue.

7. This Versatile Oxford Shirt

Day-to-night is cliche, but this flexible button-up is ready for anything. Herschel’s site actually says it “looks good from Monday morning to Saturday night,” weirdly deeming it inappropriate for Sundays? You be the judge. $105, find it here.

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