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This MEC x Smash + Tess Fleece Jumpsuit Collab Absolutely Screams Vancouver

Camping freaks, be prepared: the Fresh Air jumpsuit drops tomorrow.

You know what? Some stereotypes are just true. For example, I am a half Asian, half white individual who is extremely beautiful and also an academic overachiever who cannot dance (dear racists: that’s only funny when I say it). And Vancouver stereotypes ring especially true to me. We are hopelessly devoted to Lululemon regardless of the brand’s public image. We are practicing vegans or we are vegan-curious. We agree it’s hard to make friends here but no one actually tries to change that fact. The weather is a worthy conversation topic because oh my god I forgot what the sun looked like. 

All sweeping—and deeply flawed—generalizations, indeed. And here’s one more: Every Vancouverite is going to wet their pants when they see this collab between MEC and Smash + Tess. 

Smash + Tess x MEC Fresh Air Jumpsuit 2

It’s a fleece jumpsuit: all of the cozy, camping-ready technical qualities MEC is known for plus the loungewear comfort that made Smash + Tess a cult favourite. It is so deeply uncool it somehow becomes cool again, like fanny packs or tiny sunglasses. It’s just about the simplest outfit to put together (one and done) and yet it would be very hard to wear this on a camping trip and not be the centre of attention. This jumpsuit gives main character energy.

Smash + Tess x MEC Fresh Air Jumpsuit 1 

According to the two brands, the “Fresh Air” jumpsuit is made for outdoor adventures: “warming up after sunrise swims, perfecting your s’mores game, and scanning the night sky for shooting stars.” Notably, “stumbling through the dark to pee in a hole in the ground” is not listed. I do imagine that the inevitable camping bathroom trip would be a little complicated. Jumpsuits have ONE FLAW, okay? Nobody’s perfect. 

Smash + Tess x MEC Fresh Air Jumpsuit 3

The jumpsuit is made with bluesign®-approved Polartec Power Stretch fabric and has pockets (!), and comes in sizes 3XS to 4X (inclusive sizing is also a cornerstone of the Smash + Tess brand). When you buy online through Smash + Tess (starting July 12), you can order in teal or grey. MEC has those colours, plus a blue option, and is launching the jumpsuit July 13. It’s $180, which is a small price to pay for your friend’s children looking back at old photos of you and thinking you were very cool (your children will not think this). 

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