Vancouver’s Best Style & Fashion Bloggers















                                                                                                                                                                                           Photography by: Chris Haylett


 1. NAME: Sarah Bancroft | 39


Bancroft is Canada’s lifestyle blog queen, with editions in four cities that provide home base for dozens of writers (Kelsey Dunden at,’s Alexandra Suhner Isenberg). “I shoot for Majorca-chic but often fall back on a look that’s more pouring rain, drop kids at school in five minutes, not so chic.”

2. NAME: Victoria Potter | 25



Potter’s site boasts great online deals, cutting commentary, and sharp picks trending to the androgynous and the dark. For fall: minimalist black leather bags, leather clothing (capes and tops), and Karen Walker sunglasses. “I was mercilessly teased for my wardrobe in high school—I even owned a straitjacket.”

3. NAME: Paul Melo | 37



A Sartorialist for Vancouver, this photographer/graphic designer posts striking street shots of our city’s most stylish (stretching to Grandma, Grandpa, and the occasional hip kid) with brief on-point commentary. To wit: “Dress up, gentlemen. A nice crisp shirt, good denim, and a modern brogue—the world needs fewer graphic Ts.”

 4. NAME: M’c kenneth Licon | 22



As a boy, Licon made Barbie clothes from pillowcases; now, his tips and tutorials make his blog stand out—as do his colourful looks, many built from items found in the kids’ department. (He’s five feet and weighs 85 pounds.)
“I dressed like any other teenager—baggy jeans, baggy T, sneakers, ski jacket. Horrible.”

5. NAME: Jen Tam | 22



Whimsical, youthful, and downright nice, Tam doesn’t take herself too seriously. For fall, she’s amassing a solid long-sleeve blouse collection, standout capes and outerwear, and classic pieces in green, red, and camel tones. “Most Vancouverites are more interested in things to do than what they are wearing, so they need something multifunctional and effortless.”